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    I spend a lot of time on the internet and do some school stuff in between. That's pretty much all you need to know.
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    The Killers, Coldplay, The Arctic Monkeys, The Hives, Atoms for Peace, Foals, Franz Ferdinand, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Beatles, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The White Stripes, Radiohead, Thom Yorke, The Kings of Leon, Grinspoon, Silverchair, Nirvana, Brandon Flowers, Eskimo Joe, Snow Patrol, The Temper Trap, Greenday, The John Butler Trio, Tegan and Sara, Blur, Gorillaz, Metallica, Kansas ... in no particular order ...
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    Clockwork Orange, The Trout Opera, anything sci-fi
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    The 2nd Law DVD and CD pack
    The Resistance DVD and CD pack
    Showbiz CD
    Origin of Symmetry CD
    Black Holes & Revelation CD
    Absolution CD
    All of Muse's song and multiple live and demo versions digitally
    Official piano/guitar/vocal books for The Resistance and The 2nd Law
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    13/12/13 - All Phones Arena - Sydney
  1. I tried to get them both times but they sold out too quickly They have a really strict policy for this gig where the cardholder has to be one of the people going and they can only buy two tickets, so one of them has to go to a guest that they elect when they buy the tickets, so it's pretty much impossible to buy a ticket off someone else. Oh well, I'll just wait for them to tour.
  2. Is anyone trying to get Coldplay tickets? I'm sitting here hyperventilating cause I don't even know if I'll be able to get them with a prepaid Visa and it took me 15 minutes to even get on to Coldplay's website :'( I AM SO STRESSED
  3. I would but I have a crazy overprotective mother soooo .... She actually said to me last night 'you're too old to be borrowing money from me' (I'm 17 in a few months) and then went on to say that I was too young to go to concert by myself My Dad said he might come with me though, so hopefully that happens. I don't even want to go with my sister anyway, cause she's being a complete twat about my music taste lately so she would probably just complain the whole time anyway
  4. (ugh third time trying to post this, the internet keep crashing) Well I went to Soundwave so my Mum said it was ‘too soon after’ which I think is a shitty excuse considering that I was going to pay for the ticket myself and everything. If I had known they were coming earlier I DEFINITELY would’ve gone to see them rather than go to Soundwave :'( I’m trying to be positive about it though cause I’m pretty sure that QOTSA are starting a new album soon so I’m sure they’ll be back soon and next year’s my last year of school so I might be able to see them in my gap year but I'm still really pissed Oh, and while we’re on the topic of concerts, I really want to see Biffy Clyro in September but I can’t go on my own and no one will come with me but my asshole sister (who I gave up seeing the Eagles of Death Metal for to see Green Day with her) said she will come IF I PAY FOR HER TICKET which means I’ll be paying $140. I don’t have that at the moment but usually my Mum pays for the tickets and I pay her back, but this time she wants the money upfront and she won’t listen to me when I tell her the tickets will sell out and I’m just really pissed cause I do so much for both of them and they won’t return any favours. So yeah, sorry for ranting but I needed to get it out
  5. I live near Sydney and my school flooded, resulting in half of the classrooms being knocked out, our office building, our uniform shop, our canteen and one of our halls. And being a senior, I got one day off and had to go to school for the rest of the week while the juniors stayed home
  6. Craaappp, due to shit head parents I won't be there until it's getting on to 2, and I don't know if my friend and sister want to queue : (((((((
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