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  • Birthday 12/31/1994

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    Albuquerque, New Mexico
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    violin, graphic design, drawing, and video games
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    rocket baby dolls:p, radiohead, coldplay, electric light orchestra, silversun pickups, new politics, the bravery, new medicine
  • Favourite Films
    cloverfield, shaun of the dead, zombieland, fantastic mr fox, avatar, spiderman 3, the lion king--- sorry i have to put my favorite video games: zelda, twilight princess, assasins creed, halo 1+2, skyrim, spyro the dragon, and resident evil
  • Favourite TV Shows
    doctor who, top gear, monty pythons flying circus, futurama, ghost adventures
  • Muse Releases Owned
    oh jeez..
    the resistence (and dvd), showbiz, origin of symmetry, absolution, hullabaloo, blackholes and revalations, haarp, 2 main posters, 5 shirts, a sticker, a calender, a resistence keychain, and absolution tour, absolution music book, belt, necklace, and 4 buttons
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    AZ,PHX april 9th, 2010 and march 13th, 2013
    RR,NM october 1st, 2010
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  1. Hey! Long time + no speak...how's it going? :happy:

  2. DUDY!!! its been forevah!!!


  3. ahahaha, thanks!

  4. Dude... Love ur sig. :yesey:

  5. Pretty good! Just in english class, sippin on dr pepper, and screwing around on this ipad here obviously. ;)

  6. 'Sup, how's it going? :pimp:

  7. NOOOO WAY! Hey buddeh! :kiss:

  8. Did u change ur muser name? What was it before?

  9. yeah... im not a techno person... im an alternative rock person

  10. I'm in my 12th year, almost in my 13th, which will also be my last year. :)

    Ahh one of my friends like Skrillex but I don't know them all that well. If I'm listening to my best mate's iPod I end up downloading most of his music for myself but then realise it's a genre of music I don't even really like...

  11. thats awesome! but aren't you a year younger than me? what year are you in? because I'm in 11th grade which is 12th year for you i think... im almost in 12th, my last year. I'm really into skrillex right now it's insane because I don't like techno... I think its my boyfriends fault. :/

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