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  1. "come with me to nowhere, and illl show you nothing special." -rain "lets start over... again" -exogenesis III: redemption "wait just awhile, and i'll great you with a smile." -save me
  2. DUDY!!! its been forevah!!!


  3. new album, new setlist. The 2nd Law: Unsustainable Uprising SMBH Undisclosed Desires Sunburn Bliss MotP Panic Station Sober Exogenesis III: Redemption Follow Me Maybe? eh, it'll probably change... the funny thing is that these arent my favortie songs, some but not all. they just go well together and they're all good songs!
  4. My 3rd Muse concert!!! WOO!!! i swear this was meant to be because Muse is going to Phoenix (my whole family is there) and the gig is during my spring break!!! god, i love muse. I seriously cry with excitment when i freakin hear their song on the radio or something dumb like that...
  5. if it's in THAT order... HELL YES!!! HAHA! start fast, then gradually get slower into the point of pure bliss and absolution.
  6. eh, im used to it because ive never had my biological father around... and i dont want to have him in my life either, i dont miss him or anything. he was never there for me so hes a stranger. I am starting to contact him though. but this family is pushing me to KEEP contacting him so im less inclined to. i laid ddown the rules though and HOPEFULLY they follow them
  7. Animus

    GIF size

    im sorry, but i seriously cant figure out the size limit for GIFs... i want to put one im my sig because, as you can see, my sig is boring. can someone tell me the size limit for GIFs put in a signature? thanks!
  8. ah, yes ive been having the same problem, but i cant put pics on a thread and ive been using that code.
  9. i found out my violin and bow given to me is a VERY expensive instrument! the bow alone is worth around 6000! the bow is german and was made in 1910 and it has mother of pearl on the frog (bottom)!
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