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  1. Hi! I have just received two codes from Ticketmaster for Simulation Theory, but apparently Mobile Chilli is closed. Has someone else received the codes and/or the new album?
  2. Ahahahahah Nel frattempo pare che abbiano lanciato davvero un sondaggio per far scegliere ai fan una canzone per Kiev! (Non escludo che sia un fake) https://scontent-hkg3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-0/s526x395/13592450_1213268168707513_8401893636810474048_n.jpg?oh=c71ba5d3d762154f5d603d88a61ab5c6&oe=57E9C1B0
  3. Yeah this http://www.xtm.it/DettaglioMonografie.aspx?ID=14472 I think he is still unsure about this, probably he still likes bigger venues too but after a while he gets tired with them. I was there that night in Rome, and he was so involved in it
  4. Of course it would be exciting! It won't happen, but in the case I'd vote without checking the results, just to preserve the surprise effect. I agree, it isn't such a difficult thing to realize: just exclude the staples and songs that Muse themselves don't want to play (e.g. Showbiz or Glorious for Matt) from the poll. Easy.
  5. So, joining the conversation too! I'll be unpopular: I don't think we really need polls to request songs for gigs. I mean, Muse know we like rarities/oldies/etc in general, and I think they can fairly choose some of those on their own. Does it really matter if they play The Groove and not Hyper Music, or Agitated and not Yes Please? I don't think so. The point is that they'd do better playing some rarities for each gig (but literally each gig) to please the hardcore fans. We don't need to choose which ones, I think.
  6. Glasto prediction Psycho Dead Inside Plug in Baby The Handler Uprising Interlude Hysteria Supermassive Black Hole Starlight Feeling Good Munich Jam Supremacy Madness [JFK] Defector Time is Running Out Reapers Mercy Knights of Cydonia
  7. Supremacy Psycho Panic Station Supermassive Black Hole Map of the Problematique Resistance Animals Explorers The Handler Citizen Erased Apocalypse Please Follow Me Hysteria Time is Running Out Reapers Stockholm Syndrome Blackout Unintended Starlight Uprising The 2nd Law: Unsustainable Plug in Baby Survival Mercy Knights of Cydonia
  8. Never noticed of course, thanks. You are maniacs, controlling my old posts
  9. Showbiz: Falling Down, Cave, Showbiz, Unintended Origin of Symmetry: Plug in Baby, Citizen Erased, Micro Cuts, Screenager Absolution: Apocalypse Please, Time is Running out, Sing for Absolution, Stockholm Syndrome Black Holes & Revelations: Exo-Politics, City of Delusion, Hoodoo, Knights of Cydonia The Resistance: Unnatural Selection, MK Ultra, I Belong to You, Overture Drones: Mercy, Reapers, The Handler, [JFK]/Defector
  10. You have changed so much music styles through the years. Now you're trying to come back to the origins, but will you change again in the future? Of course I loved your old stuff but I like recent experimental songs so much and I'd like you to write more crazy songs like them. Thank you for your incredible music!
  11. Hi guys When you released Muse-Live at Rome Olympic Stadium you had to exclude songs like Unsustainable, Liquid State, Unintended, Map of the Problematique, Blackout, Stockholm Syndrome. Are you going to release these amazing songs live from that epic gig one day?
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