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  1. It would be awesome if that little drum became apart of Dom's drum kit for the next tour:p:LOL: Move over Chris's kitara!
  2. "Wash me away/Clean your body of me/Erase all the memories/They only bring us pain"- Citizen Erased "And I've had recurring nightmares/That I was loved for who I am" - Hoodoo "'Cause I was born to destroy you" -Hate This and I'll Love You "They're watching you from above" - Bliss "And I know the moment's near/And there's nothing we can do" -Thoughts of a Dying Atheist "I'm young but I know when I'm aroused" -Overdue
  3. I didn't know about Burning Bandits either I am ashamed but thank you to Henz for bringing that up! Definitely an underrated song!
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