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your favourite guitarists


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Jimmy H Jimi+Hendrix.jpg (Erm..:shifty: A hat again !)

Matt B Muse.jpg

Mark K 2360922.jpg

Ritchie B Rainbow+204126.jpg (How funny to see Slash took up the same hat!)

David G Pink+Floyd+pink.jpg (Oh! red pants... remind me someone :rolleyes:)


These guys brought something new at their time , some guitar thing that would be followed by entire generations of guitarists. I mean, the very first time you heard them, you had never heard such a thing before... That's why these are my very favourites but I have to add Frank Z , Jimmy P and guys like Slash, the Edge but not so innovative as my top 5 ones. And sorry these are, except from Matt, quite old ones but I'm still waiting for a young one to catch my attention. If you have some advice on a new guitar hero I'll be glad to discover him.

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jimmy page (led zeppelin)




jimi hendrix




josh homme (queens of the stone age)




andy summers (the police)




matt bellamy (muse)




tom morello (RATM)




eddie van halen




couldnt put it better myself! my list is the same as yours almost, i dont really listen to queens of the stone age id probs replace their guitarist with synyster gates (avenged sevenfold)

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