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  1. the kombucha mushroom people, sitting around all day

  2. zoe

    ii Loverr Youu Kyleeeee :D <3 xxx

  3. haha, what's wrong with point nemo/plastic beach? and YES they are! :happy: i've been following their story development recently. the plastic beach game is pretty cool (though very buggy!)

  4. Thank you! I love my av but hate my location, lol. And I love the "we are happy landfill" you have! Gorillaz are the shit.

  5. hello, i love your av (and location!) :happy:

  6. Nice! I'm from Oahu too. Which part? A Hawaii gig would be amazing. It's hard for me to travel to see Muse in the mainland because I'm a student, so I've missed sooo many chances to see them. I've waited too long! Hopefully a Hawai'i gig happens! By the way, my name's Kylee :happy:

  7. Yeah, I'm from Hawaii. I live on the island of Oahu. When I went to the mainland, I missed a Muse concert I would have been right down the street from by one week. I'm soo excited for them to come to Hawaii.

  8. You from Hawai'i? Well hey, me too! We need more locals on the board. And there's a rumoured Hawai'i gig sometime in the future! :awesome:


    What island are you from?

  9. Stop callin stop callin I don't wanna think anymore, I get my head and my heart on the dancefloor

  10. supafast supafast i came in last but just in time for breakfast

  11. :LOL: I love your new av
  12. why do you hate me

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