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    im in a band!
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    herne bay, near canterbury, kent
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    music...both physically and in general
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    i hate this job
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    umm...apart from Muse, ratm, a7x, some classical stuff
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    arr...comedy, horror, thriller, some sci-fi
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    family guy, south park, i sometimes get addicted to big brother
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    band novels, political books (1984, the grand chessboard), tab books?
  • Muse Releases Owned
    the resistance, showbiz, origin of symmetry, absolution, the hulabaloo soundtrack, blackholes and revelations
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    iv seen them at the O2 in london on friday the 13th of november, im going to wembley 2010!
  1. thanks 4 added George Orwell group 1984 =)

    u are cool!



  2. I like friends :) so you can be my friend :)

  3. I am well thank you!

  4. Ha ha oh yes of course! I totally forgot that ever existed. I do love the Chopin though. How are you?

  5. was the decatone his main amp in that era?
  6. thnx for joinin top gear :LOL:

  7. what did matt use for the distortion on the studio version of showbiz, is it an amp or a pedal?
  8. i love the dear god ending (the album version)
  9. it says in your 'about me'

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