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    im in a band!
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    herne bay, near canterbury, kent
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    music...both physically and in general
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    i hate this job
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    umm...apart from Muse, ratm, a7x, some classical stuff
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    arr...comedy, horror, thriller, some sci-fi
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    family guy, south park, i sometimes get addicted to big brother
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    band novels, political books (1984, the grand chessboard), tab books?
  • Muse Releases Owned
    the resistance, showbiz, origin of symmetry, absolution, the hulabaloo soundtrack, blackholes and revelations
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    iv seen them at the O2 in london on friday the 13th of november, im going to wembley 2010!
  1. thanks 4 added George Orwell group 1984 =)

    u are cool!



  2. I like friends :) so you can be my friend :)

  3. I am well thank you!

  4. Ha ha oh yes of course! I totally forgot that ever existed. I do love the Chopin though. How are you?

  5. thnx for joinin top gear :LOL:

  6. i love the dear god ending (the album version)
  7. it says in your 'about me'

  8. How did you know about my Chopin lurve?

  9. hey, its nice to see people appreciating chopin!

  10. do you think they would be nice people, or arrogant cos of their fame?
  11. yh like you said, although when i was in spain all the music was boring and the same, mainly all 'chart' like stuff and no original music...(Muse), it was really annoying cos they just played it over and over so it got on my nerves!

  12. Yeah, a choice between swimming and sunbathing on the English coast or the Spanish is a bit of a no brainer...

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