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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wq2wSVcZ1-M Haven't posted anything on here for ages! New track/video. Views seem to have froze on 1502 from the day after its realease, annoying but ah well. Hope you like it!
  2. Hello.

    Do you have facebook or email so i can contact you regarding some guitar building?

    Been a member on here since 2005, own a few manson guitars and play in a band which have played to 30,000 people! Perhaps we could do a collaboration project. Your work looks very good, especially interested in how you achieved the rusty paint look - been after that for years but mansons ran out!






  3. projectAURA play FAC251 (Factory Records, Manchester) @ 10:45pm tonight by invitation of Peter Hook (Joy Division, New Order) If your local, message me on here and i will add you to your guestlist x
  4. they tried to make a gold guitar for matt (he asked for one) and they used actual gold leaf paint and apparently it looked amazing but flaked away really easy and there was issue's with putting a clear coat on it or something due to it being so flakey!
  5. http://soundcloud.com/indierocks106/aura-unintended-centro we did an acoustic jam a last week at this strange bar in the nothern quarter of manchester, literally just a chilled out night with a cajon and a few guitars, don't really post much band stuff here but seen as though its a muse cover i thought i'd give it a whirl! i haven't heard it myself yet as i am still in work but my guitarist siad the recording isnt that great and that the guitar sounds like a banjo...no idea how it was recorded though
  6. it probably happened here..i saw this when you posted it but didnt want to sound like a nobhead and tell ryan to take his jacket off! zip's are terrible for that, the stealth has the same finish and i noticed it was taking chunks out of the paintwork within a few days, most music shops make you take your jackets off before trying new guitars too!
  7. spent over a grand in the last couple of weeks on a few bits :| shall grab some photo's of some of my new toys tonight!
  8. surely the kaoss pad guitars are abit thinner due to there shape? if you compare the glitterati to the lazer or deloreon i think you'd find it to be abit thinner and alot longer?
  9. its going to look pretty plain without effects?
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