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  1. Las condiciones de venta minicreditos con asnef rapidos se presentan en el siguiente formato: "2% / 10 días neto de 30". En este ejemplo, usted tiene un descuento del 2% si se paga dentro de los 10 días, o se paga la cantidad total antes de 30 días. Si usted no paga después de 30 días, usted estará en la delincuencia y podría tener que pagar multas. Otros términos de ventas de crédito ofrecen la opción de varios pagos iguales. Por ejemplo, un proyecto de ley podría dividirse en tres pagos iguales cada 15 días, lo que implica el pago de un tercio de la factura en 15 días, otro tercio en 30 días y el último tercio en 45 días.

  2. @op: i created a program to use for this reason with my band a while ago in max/msp, it runs click track / audio backing and plays as many tracks of midi you associate with a song together. i built in some support for setlists too as we used it for live stuff. I'd post a link, but doesnt look like its on this computer. definitely look into max if you're thinking of doing the whole programmatic midi change thing... i hear the new version of ableton live comes with max as standard, but havent really kept up with the scene recently.
  3. we did some tests a while ago and discovered that the only acceptable sounds come from tubes.
  4. he has an axe fx II? i knew 101 had an axe fx, and thought sherpa had one too, but didnt know anyone had the new one. nice!
  5. had my eyes on one of these until i saw the price. http://www.fractalaudio.com/p-axe-fx-ii-preamp-fx-processor.php
  6. yeah sounds pretty workable. think the problem im having is that my rig is waaay too big for my flat and it takes a lot of time to get it all connected.. a decent combo like the epi valve junior with my me-50 would be pretty much right for me at the moment, except id be lacking a decent speaker sim for quiet play
  7. i know what you mean. im halfway between getting back playing and having a massive sell off and buying a nice synth ;D
  8. pretty good thanks, moved again, working and all that. finding im not playing as much as i used to though and dont have as much time for the band so im trying to get back into it all again. how are you?
  9. the motp effect will be easy enough to get with the pod hd series if it has a midi (or midi over usb) input. this is something i did a few years ago with the pod xt, i figure it has a similar control via midi. again, this was using cubase.
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