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  1. I've got a kp2 and the hold button has stopped working. I bought it second hand and it was a little stiff to begin with. Is it/will it be simple to repair?
  2. I've basically left it as it is since it works, I've just taken the 2 switches away at the side. I tried taping one down constantly so that I'd just have 2 switches but firstly they both just stopped working and then after I took the tape off, it started cycling through the same way the other button did. Do I've taped them up and stuck them inside. I moved the calibration switch to one of those holes so its a little easier to press. So that'll have to do for now. Now all I need is some kind person to go over to the pedal ordering thread and help me reallocate all my pedals for my new setup.
  3. Am I right in saying the wires that go to the top LED for the operation light are pointless? The page I looked at has these wires being used to light a separate LED.
  4. Nope. He says he got it done a long time ago and can't remember anything. I don't get why he can't remember what mods he'd paid for.
  5. Here's a photo of the insides. It looks like they've done the bypass mod.. It also looks like they've taken the LED feed but not actually fitted an LED.. Just taken it into the light at the top. With the 2 switches at the side, they're both connected at one of the arms.. Is this why they BOTH have to be pushed down to work? If I took one switch out, hid it inside and taped it up to be constantly pushed down, this would give me 2 up and down switches, yes? What I can't work out is why the calibration button turns the effect on and off without losing the tone? If I use the usual button it's like I said in the original post.. Any suggestions anyone?
  6. The guy claimed he paid for it to be done which is what I don't get. The whole cycle thing would be fairly useful if you just had an up and a down button. The whole TB thing makes no sense either.. So it's like the actual switch works like usual and they've just looked at a photo of another mod and decided that must be what turns the effect on and off really. None of it really makes sense to me.
  7. I've just received a whammy 4 I got off eBay which is modded although the seller could no longer remember what everything did. There is a small, red button marked 'cal' which I took to be for calibration due to true bypass being added. Instead this is the button I need to use to turn the effect on and off with TB. If I use the usual button I get a volume drop. There are also 3 small black buttons. One right under the standard on/off button which cycles through the settings, working its way down. There are 2 buttons to the right of the normal button, on their own they do nothing. If I push and hold the bottom button though, I can use the one above it to cycle through settings in a different direction to before. Does anyone know why anyone would so this or am I using things wrong or something?
  8. I've got a broken digitech whammy IV pedal. It's on eBay now for £35 plus £10 shipping but I could so a deal with anyone here Bd throw the postage costs in for free.. Unless anyone wants to tell me how to fix it. Power supply is original and all the lights illuminate. However, it does not whammy any longer I don't gig due to no band or talent. So it's only been used in my house and never been thrown around. When off, guitar sound passes through fine. With effect on, no sound other than this constant 'thump' sound that comes through the amp. I can't see any reason for it breaking other than its just given up the ghost. It is old and was bought at least 10-11 years ago I'd say.
  9. Hello everyone, I haven't been here for ages! Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to start working on building myself a new pedal board as I just can't find one to buy that is a good size for my pedals. On top of this I have also bought a few more pedals and was wondering what you would all suggest the order should be in regards to my ABY pedal. Ok, so I'm looking to have a Bypass route which would be my clean channel, a distorted route and something for lead at present.. though if you think this could be done better then feel free to say. Currently on my bypass loop is my tuner, wah, volume pedal, nova modulator and a compressor (not in the particular order) I then just have an amp tweaker tight metal on my heavy loop and DL4 and whammy on my final loop. In the next few weeks, my pedals will consist of: Onion Pedals ABY, EB Volume pedal, Crybaby wah, CS3, TU2, Whammy 4 (with molten midi), DL4, Amptweaker Tight Metal, TC Nova modulator, Fuzz probe, Tube screamer clone, TC ditto looper, KP2. So any ideas of how this could be arranged to get a good sound and use of everything? I want to use the DL4 for the nice effects for clean stuff, but would also like it to be a lead thing which makes it a bit harder to arrange for me. And the compressor as well, i'd like it to make solos a bit.. more.. but don't know if it's better suited in the bypass/ clean area. I also have a Boss LS2 and some other single loop onion pedals. Any help will be appreciated and get a hug.
  10. Ok more help. All I ever write are riffs some are even pretty catchy. But that's IT. I can't think of anything to work with them. No chords, no real melody. Nothing. How does everyone else do it?
  11. But what did you practice or how? I end up just getting the shapes memorised and rather than risk getting demotivated, carry on doing them, which is great but like i said, i don't learn the notes.
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