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  1. happy late birthday lenny :)

  2. lennnyyy. i miss youuu

  3. hahaha who in blazes is errol garner?


    those lecture classes are so. damned. boring. this last semester i took..... armenian studies... history of rocknroll (which was retarded btw), like basic physics, and a pretty awesome philosophy class. armenian studies was actually really interesting until we got to the genocide.


    and you too :) im happy other countries can celebrate our raping and pillaging of the new world.

  4. haha i knowL what happened to all of us? i guess we just all got a life worth living. im travelling at the moment but start uni next year :) life is awesome isnt it haha, ah no, ill come live with you and give you millions of monies haha?

    im very good anyway but thats sure to change. i hope you are well and dont argue too much.

  5. I ended up just voting to keep MMP. Was glad to see they did actually bother to clarify their stupid ads on the voting paper, too. That was like, my favourite bit. The most active participation in our system of government most of us have, and so they give us the most irreverent pen in the world to do it with. Or at least the secondmost: if it had been an orange ministamp in the shape of a tick, that would have been perfect. He was in the Auckland Uni debating club public debate thing ("One Law For All: Race Relations in New Zealand", along with Shane Jones and one of the law school lecturers), and he was pretty good. The former supreme court judge who adjudicated was better, though - awarded Pita 80 points for the strength of his speech, then took them all away for going into government with National Oh, I have a situation I wanted some advice on - I want to take two papers over summer school, because one of them is only being offered over summer school and it sounds epic, and the other one I couldn't fit in this year. Now, the one I couldn't fit in - paper A - I need as a prerequisite to a first semester paper next year. Paper B would go towards my major, but isn't in itself essential. There are like, 8 hours or whatever a week for Paper A, but one of those hours clashes with paper B. Should I take paper B, despite the clash? I'm proficient with paper A stuff enough that it shouldn't matter, but then, two papers over summer school seems to be regarded as a demanding kind of undertaking when I've talked to people about it. But paper B sounds amazing. Yes. Thoughts?
  6. Oh oh oh this sounds sooo much like my first flat.  I ended up moving out because of all the issues, even though my flatmates were super cool. Poor you  is it a nice flat? It might have partly been that the media haven't really been giving him much coverage, other than in an I hate John Key capacity, as well.  That being said, I went to the Labour party caucus thing the other year and Jim Anderton chided them for their whole anti-National, as opposed to pro-Labour, stance.  Does anyone else have issues with the referendum though? Like, the way it's advertised, it sounds like even if you want to keep MMP you're forced to vote for an alternative. I tried to find out more about that online, but all that happened is I learnt a bunch about said alternatives. Nor can I navigate the igovt site. Maybe this is just due to my untechyness though.
  7. I think they have those ones as well, but my uni seems to have quite a penchant for like, jazz musicians. The creation and conditioning thereof. I've gone to those ones, because secretly I want to be Erroll Garner :cool:


    Oh. Economics. That sounds so dry. Poor you. Nice of him to let you out early though. I don't think anyone would go to a lecture that late at my uni... I had law til 5pm this semester and though it was a class of like 200, by the end of the semester, there'd only be about 60 people dotted across the lecture hall. What else are you taking other than economics?


    Also, hope you had a nice Thanksgiving the other week or whenever it was.

  8. Oh lord, that really is terrible :LOL:. And to think we used to all be online every day.


    I'm okay, just studying. Pretty much all I do now is learn about stuff I don't enjoy learning about. And cover my rent and power bills by occasionally working. And argue with my flatmate. Growing up, it is the bees knees.


    How are you though? Moved overseas? Gone to uni? Other things?

  9. economics :/ he usually lets us out early tho. and omg thats so cool. what is like orchestra/concert sorta music?


    and no its not at all like stadium arcadium.... arguably one of their best albums imo.

  10. haha cant believe the last message before this was to say happy 2010


    massive fail.. how are you anyway?

  11. Hey Nia,

    hope everything's cool with you.


  12. What do you have to do til 9? That seems kind of retarded. Unless it's some kind of mystical trackish kind of a thing which I wouldn't know anything about. I don't go to anything at uni if it's later than 6pm, with the exception of the Tariq Ali lectures earlier this year, and the concert nights at the music school where the madly gifted final year music students have recitals.


    I can't listen to any music on this machine because it's on its last legs. And if it's anything like Stadium Arcadium, I don't think I want to anyway :chuckle:

    I love my rhcp most at like, Californication stage. The balance of that album is superb, and unrivalled by any of their things either before or since (admittedly I'm not that well acquainted with Stadium Arcadium in the first place, because I disliked the singles...)

  13. Don't worry about it - I can only come here in 6 week bursts anyway.


    Hey back. <3

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