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  1. Go Travis street - A662 - Merrill street - Ashton New Rd. it's all regenerated that way, used to do that walk from piccadilly daily.
  2. Was devestated to miss out yesterday (whilst my colleague on the desk behind me got 2 tickets no problem ). but I figured I'd check again this morning and got two what a relief
  3. Been getting my portrait cap on Portrait by SnipingForPacifists, on Flickr Portrait by SnipingForPacifists, on Flickr
  4. greetings all. I am around, I just have no free time between working, commuting and sleeping. This weekend saw me on babysitting duty... Harvey by SnipingForPacifists, on Flickr
  5. Torn between a Blackstar ht-5 and Jet City JCA20h. I do prefer the Blackstar tone, and the 5 watts as opposed to 20 will be nicer for practicing and theres an fx loop and its 2 channels. but the JC has that SOLDANO name associated with it. and they're more difficult to get over here
  6. lonely by SnipingForPacifists, on Flickr may or may not have been trying to emulate Gregory Crewdson.
  7. I played around for so long trying to straighten the bloody thing, messing with perspective correction, rotating it etc when one part looked right another then seemed off so i just called it a day and thought that'll do. i'll have to figure out how to straighten things properly, i think it's best done in photoshop rather than lightroom
  8. camera was gathering dust so i've decided to take it on the commute every now n then. Lines by SnipingForPacifists, on Flickr
  9. Very nice, i'm craving an 85mm. things just look so nice at that focal length. Got myself a galaxy S4 today, time to hit up instagram
  10. http://vsco.co/ instahipster! to be fair it's actually rather decent when used well. which it never is. much like filters on instagram. maybe im just a grumpy sod. i've quit taking photos of drunks now too was fun for a bit, but impossible to keep up a full time job and that. one more shift left though. eurgh. working mon-fri (first time ever) has left me with no energy to shoot stuff. my commute perhaps? hmmm
  11. all you need is VSCO and photoshop skills. there's a lot less photography here than you'd think. edit: ok looking through his portfolio he does have some decent shots that rely less on photoshop ability. but not my cup of tea
  12. i'll vouch for lightroom. it's essential for me. really intuitive once you learn to use the sliders. i have hundreds of shots to edit weekly and I couldn't imagine putting them all through photoshop. God i need to take more photos!! (that aren't of drunks). i just keep making excuses. mainly based on my lighting. i could do with another flash, may just get a yn560-II, and a modifier, looking at a 1.5m octa. any strobists here who can lend a hand. will mainly be for portraiture (with speedlights). I also need to figure out how to go about getting good portraits, how to find the subjects and locations etc.
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