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  1. Word. Or Geoff Barrow. Love what he did with The Horrors' Primary Colours.
  2. Let's all just chill and smoke some dank. Oh and for me this brings to mind Muse at Auckland Big Day Out earlier this year: Matt: Woah, somebody's got a nice big reefer down the front here, I can smell it. *makes movements as though to waft the smoke towards him*
  3. Of all the local bands I've seen, Dakota's Fanny have to take it out for best name. Honorable mentions to BMX Rapists, Sewage, TFF (an acronym for The Fucking Fuckers) and Die! Die! Die!
  4. I'm sorry, Matt in no way fits the definition of "cool."
  5. The Behringer DD600 is basically a Boss DD-6 copy. My drummer owns the DD400 (DD-3 copy) and it sounds more or less identical to the Boss to my ears. Just don't expect it to hold together forever. The stupid jacks will almost definitely break after about a year, rendering the pedal horribly noisy and not very usable at all. So really the sound and features are fine, but you get what you pay for as far as build quality is concerned. If you just want a cheap bedroom delay with decent sound and a variety of functions I would say go for it though.
  6. And I used to hate chorus. Edit: One little purchase turned into a hat-trick splurge.
  7. Dude... your sig is fucking embarrassing.



  8. You can download my band's five song EP for free at our Bandcamp page. I guess it sounds something like the cover looks - a bit of a mix between My Bloody Valentine's 'Loveless' and 'Bleach' by Nirvana, with some Joy Division and Sonic Youth thrown in. For more internet spamming: Our MySpace. And our Facebook.
  9. Yeah, might have to give it a miss this time (assuming they announce some NZ dates later).
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