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  1. Go Travis street - A662 - Merrill street - Ashton New Rd. it's all regenerated that way, used to do that walk from piccadilly daily.
  2. Was devestated to miss out yesterday (whilst my colleague on the desk behind me got 2 tickets no problem ). but I figured I'd check again this morning and got two what a relief
  3. Been getting my portrait cap on Portrait by SnipingForPacifists, on Flickr Portrait by SnipingForPacifists, on Flickr
  4. greetings all. I am around, I just have no free time between working, commuting and sleeping. This weekend saw me on babysitting duty... Harvey by SnipingForPacifists, on Flickr
  5. Torn between a Blackstar ht-5 and Jet City JCA20h. I do prefer the Blackstar tone, and the 5 watts as opposed to 20 will be nicer for practicing and theres an fx loop and its 2 channels. but the JC has that SOLDANO name associated with it. and they're more difficult to get over here
  6. lonely by SnipingForPacifists, on Flickr may or may not have been trying to emulate Gregory Crewdson.
  7. I played around for so long trying to straighten the bloody thing, messing with perspective correction, rotating it etc when one part looked right another then seemed off so i just called it a day and thought that'll do. i'll have to figure out how to straighten things properly, i think it's best done in photoshop rather than lightroom
  8. camera was gathering dust so i've decided to take it on the commute every now n then. Lines by SnipingForPacifists, on Flickr
  9. Very nice, i'm craving an 85mm. things just look so nice at that focal length. Got myself a galaxy S4 today, time to hit up instagram
  10. http://vsco.co/ instahipster! to be fair it's actually rather decent when used well. which it never is. much like filters on instagram. maybe im just a grumpy sod. i've quit taking photos of drunks now too was fun for a bit, but impossible to keep up a full time job and that. one more shift left though. eurgh. working mon-fri (first time ever) has left me with no energy to shoot stuff. my commute perhaps? hmmm
  11. all you need is VSCO and photoshop skills. there's a lot less photography here than you'd think. edit: ok looking through his portfolio he does have some decent shots that rely less on photoshop ability. but not my cup of tea
  12. i'll vouch for lightroom. it's essential for me. really intuitive once you learn to use the sliders. i have hundreds of shots to edit weekly and I couldn't imagine putting them all through photoshop. God i need to take more photos!! (that aren't of drunks). i just keep making excuses. mainly based on my lighting. i could do with another flash, may just get a yn560-II, and a modifier, looking at a 1.5m octa. any strobists here who can lend a hand. will mainly be for portraiture (with speedlights). I also need to figure out how to go about getting good portraits, how to find the subjects and locations etc.
  13. i may have found it! i hear similarities anyway. the beatles also covered it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iK8l_vblCQ4
  14. yeah you can push shutter speeds during the day, around 1/100 - 1/160 is good, it is also dependent on your iso (higher iso, the quicker shutter speed you can use) which itself is dependent on the ambient light you have available; bright day? iso 100. grey and cloudy? iso 600 - ish. that's not set in stone obviously, play around a bit and see what works for you, eventually you'll just be able to look at the light you have and settings will start coming to mind. as for aperture, if i want as much in focus as possible i go by the saying "f/8 and be there". meaning you can't really go wrong with f/8, it's one of the sharpest apertures on most lenses and doesn't interfere with shutter speed that much (the higher the f stop the slower you'll need your shutter speed to allow enough light to get through). and you'll get everything in focus. that and f/11. i should try harder not to ramble on. or post more images to make up for it. so here's a fun one from a shoot this week. i've been enamoured with Terry Richardson recently. also, i should get a rotating flash bracket to eliminate that shadow when shooting vertically. anybody have experience with one? Fortuna as Terry by SnipingForPacifists, on Flickr
  15. I tried a bit of handheld night shooting with my D5100 a while back and the end result is a mix of a few things: 1) the lens, using a lens with a wide max aperture (2.8 or below, ideally even 1.8 or below) will help a lot, what lens were you using? when i was doing it i was only using the kit lens so the widest i could go was 3.5-5.6 which leaves shots quite soft and still doesn't allow in that much light compared to a 1.8 prime. try to shoot at the widest aperture you can. 2) ISO, probably second most important after the lens and unfortunately where the difference in the quality of the body shows. taking a look at the shots I took i was shooting at ISO 4000 which gave good-usable results, but a higher end body will be able to use a lower ISO and produce a similar or better exposure (especially when coupled with the wide aperture lens) and the lower the ISO, the less noise and generally better IQ you get. 3) shutter speed (even though it's 3rd it's still really important, as shutter speed controls ambient light), the general rule for the lowest you can go is to match your shutter speed to the focal length e.g. shooting at 35mm the lowest you can get a sharpish image should be about 1/35. I've found there's a lot of room here to go even slower in the hope of catching more ambient, just don't be shooting particularly fast moving things. tl;dr try to use the exposure triangle (aperture, ISO, shutter speed) to get the most out of the shot. but good gear obviously gives an advantage. check out Maciej Dakowicz's Cardiff after dark series for how it should be done. flickr also has the exif data for his shots so that's useful (although i think he used a 5d mkiii and fast lens) Also, i got a call yesterday from my friend, she's starting a charity and needs headshots etc been wanting to do a shoot with her for aaages (she's absolutely stunning), she also likes Terry Richardson's stuff and I'd like to see if we can get some GQ style shots out of her. oh and she says she might bring her friend Gabby. who just happens to be Miss Wales.
  16. Thanks guys, means a lot. it's a tough one, must remind myself not to watch Jared Polins video about why he teaches people about photography (again). had me in tears. if you know of him, he has a great photo series documenting his mothers battle with cancer and a video with it. i don't think i'll do anything like that, but i'll take some nice portraits over the next few weeks. oh and night #2 of nightclub photography was much more successful, not in terms of sales, but after playing around with the settings the shots are looking much better.
  17. My dad, diagnosed with lung cancer this month. so i've decided to put away the excuses about gear, and lighting, and whatever else i think i need and just shoot. i like how it turned out.
  18. i had not seen those. bloody useful too. watching that nightclub photography series now, i'm facepalming at what i missed. need a diffuser, flash exposure comp seemed to vanish from my mind, i was way too strict keeping my ISO so high and shutter speed at 1/25 when it could've easily come down a bit. all a learning curve anyway, like anything, i'll improve as time goes on. i mean my shots weren't bad, but comparing them to previous weeks by others they don't have anywhere near enough ambient.
  19. nope, no filter. i think it was just a mix of kit lens + shooting at f/8. any way of reducing flash exposure without stopping down? it was on it's lowest power setting too (1/128th) 35mm tomorrow woop.
  20. back from my first night as a club photog. bloody loved it. the kung-pao (YN-560 III) performed admirably, although there was about a 5-10% chance of it not firing at all. frankly i had more issues with my kit lens not focusing well in low light, i even had to stop down to f/8 most of the time (could I have lowered my iso and brought the aperture up to around 4.5/5.6? will have a play around with that in future). GASing hard now for that Sigma 18-35 1.8. the manager at the bar also said they offer a photographer as part of a christmas party package, so if i'm free i'll get a few of those over the next few weeks. would be nice. also, there's a nikkor 35mm 1.8G waiting for me at the post office depot place, missed the delivery today. can't wait to play around with that.
  21. whats the intro song? is it just bellamy playing around with house of the rising sun? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-GIigNQCHs
  22. haven't bought a camera from ebay before, but it should be like most other things, see if the seller is reliable, do they have a returns policy? is it an ebay shop or an individual? shops tend to be best. what country are they based in (you mightn't wanna be paying international shipping costs to return it for whatever reason). etc do they seem trustworthy basically plus if it goes bad then you always have paypal and the dispute resolution system which help in getting your money back.
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