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heres my final set of bands that should support, and will do, youll all see


1st band: karnivool (great band, check out sound awake)

2nd band: rise against (cause everybody love rise against)

3rd band: porcupine tree (also awesome)

4th band (thats right 4 support bands): Protest the hero (they get two hours so they can play both fortress and kezia in their entirities)

5th band: muse, obvz



now thats a gig



Disclaimer-i know this is never ever going to happen but we can dream

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I think they should bring back Chaz & Dave. I reckon a 'C&D v Muse' collaboration of 'Who Knows Who' - but with banjos - would work. :D


Nah, seriously, I've got my preferences with regard to support bands but in reality, I couldn't give a toss who supports them. It could be Cliff Richard and I wouldn't care, just as long as I see Muse again - if Cliff doesn't put me in a coma beforehand, that is. Trust me, if he did, he would never have a Christmas #1 again. I'd make sure of it! :happy:

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