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  1. Just got back from tonight, via a few pints. Tonight was far far better than the Emirates sound and atmosphere wise I thought, maybe it might of been my positioning in London, I don't know but both were still brilliant gigs! Plus points from both shows: - The stage set up is excellent, far better than the Resistance stadium stage. - The band seem to be enjoying it. - The main set is a pretty excellent mix. - Map, B&H, Bliss, Dead Star, Sunburn, Unintended and Blackout. Pretty good mix of rarer song there. - The crowd interaction is very very good. Negative points: - Guiding Light - They should swap Uprising/Starlight with PiB/Survival. The last 2 songs felt like an anti climax a little bit. Either that or drop Guiding Light, put Starlight in it's slot and finish on Take a Bow. - One more rarity slot would be nice. - David Cameron on the visuals! On the whole though, the tour as a tour is miles better than the Resistance one. I must admit I enjoyed Wembley more but that was more down to the setlist than anything. This as a complete gig package is far better. A few minor tweaks and it would be perfect. Roll on the 20th anniversary gig next year hopefully!
  2. The Etihad is a poor design, I go away with Liverpool & the last 3 years we've been its poured down every time. We we're in the lower tier and basically got soaked. What the problem is, is that the stadium was originally designed for the Commonwealth Games and only the top 2 tiers where built for that, when Man City bought the ground, they dug under the original design to form the lower tier, which the roof wasn't designed to protect as originally that was the running track. My advice is, if you want to sit but not get wet, don't get the lower tier.
  3. If so, my sister will buy it, I'm going alone and she's dying to come, she loves them and is living in Manchester for uni at the moment so its ideal for her.
  4. Money's been taken but no email yet, here's hoping.
  5. I've had payment taken, happy days!
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