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    SECC - 2006 and 2009
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  1. Just downloading this on my painfully slow Internet. So far I have 14% and it estimates another 29 hours until completion. Can't wait to see it though
  2. scoop

    Funny Moments

    Thought it was outstanding in the G/F queue on Saturday when the queue first started to move and the first people were walking along the top bit, some knob started shouting at the queue below, "See ya at the back lads! See ya at the back lads!" The response from a guy with a total stereotypical cockney accent made me lol, just at the top of his voice screaming "Wwwwaaannnkaaahh!!" got a big cheer from everyone as well. Also we spied an old couple inside Wembley who were dressed like they were spending an old folks day at a beach, only thing missing was a knotted hanky and a stripey old deck chair. Muse attracts all sorts I suppose
  3. The chat around us during RBS was mental...people seemed to take it as a break of sorts...although the same people did also go wild for a bit of megaphone...lol. Still reflecting and deciding on my highlight. Tied between Bliss and the fact that we got MK, after having said to my mate "they won't play MK Ultra then if they've just played it on the PA." also of course CE, and MotP is always a huge highlight personally...god I can't decide, it was all just so frigging epic!!
  4. Park is much closer than Central, but I'm going to Central, cos I've got either the walk from Central to Wembley, or the walk from my hotel to the further station. Each walk is approx the same, so it depends where your starting from
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