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  1. This is tougher than picking favourites as I don't really have many songs that I actively dislike (unless you count half the tracks on The 2nd Law) but these are the songs I perhaps think "meh" when they come on Showbiz Muscle Museum - sorry, I know the purists will hate me for it but I've never been keen on it Origin Screenager Absolution Thoughts of a Dying Atheist BHAR Invincible The Resistance Guiding Light The 2nd Law Follow Me Drones Mercy
  2. Any idea when the Drones Tour merchandise will be available online? I had limited funds on the night and nearly choked when buying my roses t-shirt but would love some more. Also, did anyone spot any programmes for sale? I couldn't see any at the O2
  3. In Your World, around 2002/3. I had no idea who the band were or what the song was called and it wasn't until I mentioned it to a friend who said "sounds a bit like Muse" that I then went out, bought Absolution and never looked back.
  4. It's not counted as a studio album so I think that's why it's rarely mentioned. But, as a collection of B-sides/non-studio tracks and with a very early live recording it's essential for anyone serious about Muse and all their music.
  5. Showbiz Sober Origin Plug In Baby - my all time favourite track Absolution Hysteria BHAR MOTP The Resistance MK Ultra The 2nd Law Liquid State Drones The Handler Albums in favourite order: Absolution - released the year I became a Muse fan so this always holds a special place in my heart Drones Showbiz - was number 2 until Drones knocked it into 3rd Origin BHAR The Resistance The 2nd Law
  6. I know there's a thread already for people to post their perfect set list but I thought I'd mix it up a little by setting a challenge. 1 - Choose three tracks from your all time favourite Muse album 2 - Choose two tracks from the remaining 6 studio albums 3 - Choose two b-sides/non-studio album/bonus tracks 4 - At least two tracks MUST be a ballad, slower track or instrumental 5 - If you choose Hysteria, it will count as one track with Prelude as the Intro 6 - If you close with Knights, it will count as one track with Man With A Harmonica as the Intro 7 - You can have up to two Encores This is harder than it seems, deciding the tracks is one thing; deciding the order is another! Here's mine: 1 - Reapers- Drones 2 - MK Ultra - The Resistance 3 - Prelude & Hysteria - Absolution 4 - Stockholm Syndrome - Absolution 5 - Plug In Baby - Origin 6 - In Your World - b-sides/non-studio album/bonus 7 - Sober - Showbiz 8 - Showbiz - Showbiz 9 - Hoodoo - BHAR (1st slower track choice) 10 - Apocalypse Please - Absolution 11 - Space Dementia - Origin 12 - Glorious - b-sides/non-studio album/bonus 13 - Liquid State - The 2nd Law 14 - Isolated System - The 2nd Law (2nd slower track choice) 15 - Uprising - The Resistance 16 - The Handler - Drones 17 - Man With A Harmonica & Knights of Cydonia - BHAR Wil be interesting to see what everyone else chooses. If I had my way, the set list would be much longer but this will allow for around 100 - 120 minutes
  7. Touting is still a real problem and should be made illegal. I was shocked at how many empty seats I spotted at the O2 on Monday despite the gig being Sold Out! I think the only way to prevent or cut down on touting is for your ticket purchase to be linked to a form of ID that you have to present on the door such as your driving license, passport etc. No ID, no entry. The ticket could have the ID number printed on it so it's matched up when you enter the venue. As most venues scan ticket bar codes these days it wouldn't take long to scan the ID that goes with it. You would only need it for your batch so if you bought tickets to go with friends they'd be covered under your ID. If you can't make it due to illness etc then the receipt that comes with the ticket could have a form on the back to fill in such as handing the ticket over to someone else in your party and their ID details so they'd be checked upon entry. Just an idea but it's something that needs addressing sooner rather than later. I've been very lucky over the years to see Muse so many times and always through the genuine sales. I've never had to approach a tout or go to a dodgy website. I never will either. As much as I love the band I would rather miss the gig than give money to a piece of scum tout.
  8. Spectacular gig. I've seen Muse 9 times now and last night was the best one I'd ever been to. great atmosphere in my block (116) we were just partying all night. A track from Showbiz would've been a welcome addition to the set list but it was fab to hear Citizen Erased live again after 9 years. ONLY bugbear of the night was not being able to see the visuals on the huge veils but that's just a small niggle really as I'm there for the music. It was also nice not to have my phone or camera constantly out taking pics and videos.
  9. graciegirl


    Well, today I logged into the Muse forums for the first time in quite a while and I was given a sore reminder of why I don't use them anymore. Voicing an opinion is not an open invitation for people to troll and abuse just because they disagree. Open up a dialogue and debate by all means but why be abusive when my post didn't invite you to comment in the first place?! Funny how I was told to grow up by a 23 year old and yet his immature comment just served to remind me how immature, arrogant and downright nasty some of the people on this forum can be. Petty, small minded and vindictive. Other people would call that bullying and I'm surprised it's tolerated by the moderators.
  10. He finishes the "review" with Unfortunately, Muse's efforts can barely get off the ground and wouldn't survive a war against a fly swatter. So not only Mutt's production but the boys' efforts too.
  11. Drones has been trashed in the LA Times, I don't think the reviewer is a fan or has a clue what he's talking about. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/music/la-et-ms-muse-drones-review-20150608-column.html Some reviewers seem to take great joy in slagging something off if they don't like it, hardly subjective.
  12. I've got one similar to this but it's B-Sides and Rarities that was a Warner Music release some years ago. I think there is some debate over the authenticity of the product
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