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    12/04/08 - RAH, TCT .
    04/09/09 - The Den, Teignmouth
    12/11/09 - 02, London
    13/11/09 - 02, London
    10&11/09/10 - Wembley
    28/08/11 - Reading wooooo
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  1. Yeah but you saw those first night so it doesn't matter so much that they didn't second night...and you got the others too :'( Did they play MotP on Saturday too? Someone said they did :(





    NOWAI?! You're so lucky :supersad: I've seen them twice now :) Wembley and second night o2 :awesome:

    So what's up?

  2. Yeah, they didn't play B&H (which is my FAVOURITE :happy:) IBTY, Neutron Star Collision and New Born, which was a shame. Yeah, I've seen them at Albert Hall, 1st night of Teignmouth and both nights at the 02 :D


    What's your favourite Muse song? x

  3. Just Friday :) IT WAS SO AMAZING! :awesome::dance::awesome::dance:

    :eek: You went both nights?! You're so lucky! I really wanted to go Saturday, cuz the atmosphere's better and I love Biffy Clyro...but I'm so happy and amazed I was able to go at all :D

    No wai?! Did they cut other songs to replace them with those four then? Or did they just play a longer setlist? I'd have loved to see those four :supersad: But like I say, it was epic :) Have you seen them before Wembley?

  4. Oh gosh I haven't logged in here for ages, i only just got your comment haha! Well I saw Muse at Wembley on fri and sat, judging by some of your comments you did too!? It was amazing both nights, but yesterday was insane, i can't believe they played citizen erased/bliss/rbs/mk ultra!! What did you think of it?

  5. I'm fine. Pretty good actually...:)

    I have to go to a wedding today though...meh. What are you up to?

  6. Yeah, Shooting Stars is pretty epic tbh. :L

    My girlfriend is obsessed with The Mighty Boosh, i see you like that too, i think it's pretty good yeah. :D

    Plus you like Muse (obviously), Radiohead and Biffy Clyro! Mental!

  7. I'm good thank you, how are you? :)

  8. Awesome! :)

    Nice to meet you, how are you? :p

  9. Hi :)

    I saw you like Biffy Clyro, I just wondered if you want to join the group I made for them? Link.

  10. Ha that's awesome! Plus you like Shooting Stars :) <3

  11. In an orchestra I play in, we had to play Man With a Harmonica and Romeo and Juliet. I tried to explain to my friend but I don't think she cared I went on a school trip to Spain last march and they Played the radio on the coach we were on. In the space of 3 days they played Undisclosed Desires 4 times when I was on the coach, and they spoke in Spanish (obviously) and then all shouted MUSE! and cheered
  12. hey, we were born on the same day! =D


    just thought i'd say.........

  13. There's a teaching assistant at my school who loves Muse and the Killers Every time she helps in one of my lessons she'll ignore everyone asking for help and she'll go over to me and be like 'Oh yeah, WEMBLEY!' She's going, and she went to the 02 when I went and she was all 'oh, they were EPIC weren't they?! Oh I love them'
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