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Found 9 results

  1. Could some kind soul please upload the two bonus tracks that were made available for free download from the HAARP microsite back in 2008? I seem to have lost them Microcuts (video) - 16th June Soldier's Poem (audio) - 16th June
  2. Ive been looking everywhere for a flag likee the one the protesters at the wembley concert had. It has the protest triangle on it and i'd kill for it right now
  3. Last month, I made this awesome flag for les vieilles charrues festival. As I can’t go to Wembley or any other gigs this year, I got the idea, that this flag will travel for me. The rules are: -the flag can’t travel by the post, it must be physically passed from one person to another (it can travel by the post only if there's no other solution) -Whenever the flag is at a gig with a group of people a picture must be taken (picture must be of the group and the flag within the venue) -If someone carrying this flag meets a band member (Tom and Morgan included) a photo of the band member holding the flag has to be taken (only the member and the flag) -Every person I know (in real life or only on .mu/facebook/twitter) has to sign the flag if they go to several gigs then they have to write the dates on it. The aim is for this flag to become famous within the muse community, it has to be at as many gigs as possible (and collect as many signatures as possible). The band has to recognise it after seeing it too many times!! So help me make my flag travel. So far: from my place to Wembley: Seb, kageeby Then I don’t know, for it to go to the next gigs you have to be at Wembley on September 11th or Paris/Lille (France)
  4. http://thelichfieldblog.co.uk/2010/09/13/burntwood-brothers-play-football-with-their-wembley-hero/
  5. Hello all, couldn't find a thread about this so thought I'd start one. So who was there? Thought it was a great game. I was the dodgy 'keeper who let Chris's shot in at the end, bit of a Rob Green moment! Personally it was the most surreal experience I've had for a long time, playing football against Chris and the Muse team, in front of about 100 Muse fans, with Dermot Gallagher refereeing! Great day out though! EDIT: Got the score wrong, it was 4-3 to the Wembley team!
  6. Hello fellow Muse fans. Just wondering if anyone else received an email from See Tickets today saying that their tickets will not be posted and they will have to be picked up on the day? Third time this has happened to me with See Tickets so wondering if it is a general problem or if I am just really unlucky. Cheers
  7. i always bought seating tickets but this concert i have bought standing how early to i need to line up to get a good space? doors open at 4:30 thank you alaya
  8. ¿Hay alguien que viaje a Londres para ir al concierto en Wembley? He visto algunos threads de Musers de Norte America que van a encontrarse para hacer la cola y compartir después del concierto. No estaría mal tomar la misma iniciativa con la gente de Latinoamerica ¿No creen? Yo voy al concierto del 10/09
  9. Bonjour a tous, Moi et ma copine envisageons wembley car nous avons la possibilité d'avoir des places pour le vendredi, mais pas cool tous les hotels sont réservés. On envisageait, prendre l'avion de dinard, arrivé a Stansted le jeudi, prendre l'easyBus pour Baker street, trouvé un endroit ou dormir, visité londres le Vendredi matin. Concert le soir. Dormir a nouveau quelque part puis prendre l'avion le samedi en début d'après-midi. Nous envisageons de nous déplacer en bus Cependant nous n'avons nul endroit ou dormir.. Cependant si quelqu'un avait l'immense générosité de nous offrir ne serait-ce qu'un jardin pour piqué une tente cela nous permettrait de réaliser un rêve et d'aller voir muse a Wembley. Dans l'espoir d'une réponse, sur le forum ou Hi everyone, Me and my girlfriend were thinking of going at wembley for the friday's concert, but each hotels are full now. We were thinking about taking the plane from Dinard (fr) and landing at stansted on thursday, then taking the easybus to baker street, find a place to sleep. Visit a few London then going to the concert the friday. Sleep again and taking our plane on saturday. We were considering to travel by bus. But we don't have any place to sleep, so if someone extremly generous would let us just a place in the garden for us to sleep in our tent, it would make me realize a dream and going to see muse at Wembley, Hoping for a respons and excuse me for my english,
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