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  1. I told myself that I wasn't going to listen to the album until I'd heard some of their new songs live. From what I remember of the night, I was impressed with what I'd heard but I was disappointed the first time I listened to the album. After a few hits, though, I was hooked; give or take about 4 songs. It's loads better than The Resistance, in my opinion.
  2. His voice has definitely improved over the years, but I do think that he sounds a bit ... nasally? ... on some tracks. 'Supremacy', especially. Still a choon, though!
  3. I wouldn't know. The last time I saw them was on the 26th of October and I only remember about 6 songs from the night. Damn O2 and Peroni! It's way too easy to get comfortable outside of the arena before the gig, LOL. I could probably handle the chorus if it weren't for the beginning of the song. Even then, the chorus reminds me a little of 'Resistance' and I wasn't particularly fond of that either.
  4. I absolutely love Liquid State. I think it's the most raw Muse have sounded in years. Definitely a live track!
  5. Yeah, I've heard a few people say that. For me, 'Panic Station' was a grower and I knew that from day one. I went from shuddering to laughing and smiling, so that's why I carried on listening. I now like it. However, 'Follow Me' made me squirm and I disliked it intensely from the first play. I'm sure we all know deep down when a song is worth persevering with. In all, I started out liking 3 songs from this album. I now tolerate/like/love about 8 of them. They've been my favourite band for over a decade so I'll always give the 'meh' songs a fair go. The rest - usually around 3 or 4 songs - will remain pretty much untouched, though (OoS and BH&R being the exceptions as I grew to love them all ).
  6. The thing is, it's a real Marmite song and I'm a hater of Marmite; something I've chosen to stay well clear of since the day I tried it. Some songs chase me away from the first play. No point wasting valuable time listening to drivel when there are other awesome songs to listen to.
  7. I listened to it all the way through once, yes. It's all I needed.
  8. It's really not, though, but then I'm not into soppy stuff on any level. The sentiment behind it is cute but it's not my cup of tea. It could be a grower in the future but I haven't been able to bring myself to listen to it since the first time.
  9. Good for you, although it was nothing personal. I'll be sure to think of you every time I do it. I wasn't fond of Madness in the beginning. I can just tolerate it now.
  10. 'Follow Me', without a doubt. It's not even my least favourite out of a bunch of good songs. It's all-round crap! It's sickly with a capital "F". 'Explorers' and 'Big Freeze' are on the pants podium, too. Yep.
  11. I voted SMBH but that was based on my opinion that Panic Station is not in the slightest bit sexy, even though they both nailed the "funky" and "dancy" feel, as you put it. To be honest, it took a few goes to get into PS. I was almost embarrassed listening to it in the beginning. It reminded me of when Cliff Richard makes his random come-backs and aims at the younger crowd by throwing in a few "UGH"s and squeals. So shudder-worthy! - but not so much now, though. It kind of makes me grin.
  12. My boss was out this morning so I made myself comfortable at his desk and bagged myself 4 standing tickets. Is it just me or was it much easier than usual? I don't remember it being this smooth since about 2007. I was expecting to get 'Refresh Cramp' but there was no queue at all this time around; not that I'm complaining of course.
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