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  1. Indeed it looks a lot like the RB4195 But I honnestly think it's just some random copy. If you find a pair that looks like this you can then ask for replacement lenses with a 85% grey or black tint and a silver mirror. Gonna cost you a bit but will definitly look like what they did with the gfx effects EDIT : watched the Behind the scene video, i'd definitly bet for a random copy
  2. Hello guys, I'm selling an Atticus Marley jacket from 2008. It's a M size and I wore it less than 10 times as it's always been too big for me and it didn't look good on myself. For years it's been hanging in my closet. As I'm no more interested in collecting Muse stuff and as I will never be 1m80 tall with bigger shoulders than my actual one, I decided to sell it. Feel free to message me if you're interested in this. Otherwise I'll put it on eBay by the end of summer (but I'd rather sell it to a fan). Note that these were poor quality jackets. Also, I'll ship from France if you want to buy it. Adrien
  3. Anyone living around Wembley Stadium could host us (a friend and I) the night from the 9th to 10th so that we can go really early to the stadium? And part of the 10th to 11th night so that we could go to the station take back the Eurostar? Sounds a bit like a "last minute organisation" but we didn't plan to do the Wembley gig, finally the Stade de France one was so good that... we caaaaan't resist (making me... hmm wait, nevermind)
  4. At 6:30PM around the Quick/Gaumont, there was a little group, a little orchestra playing The Kinks !!! Does anyone have any informations about them? I had no time to stay and listen to them or even talk with them! I'm a Kinks-addict, so any info would be appreciated It sounded really good Edit : oh by the way, the Muse gig was cool THE KINKS§§!!!!!1111!1!1!1!Ooonne
  5. I've been chosen for the "protest" thing for this gig =) And in the e-mail i just received, it'sd mentioned : Â Â Can anyone confirm this ? :O (It means that we should go back to the grass by the front of Pelor !!! <3 )
  6. Woke up really late today, had a party yesterday, looked at the calendar and saw we were the 9th "OMG It's Matt's birthday" (as if you were a good friend i had to call) So well, coming on the board is the best way (i guess) to wish you A HAARPY BIRTHDAY =) Cheers !
  7. In my opinion they won't be able to do that =/ For **** sake, if you can't go to the gig, send an email to the muse management and tell them to reroll an email adress! Please ! (mine as long as possible)
  8. If anyone from England wanna take me with him, i'm living in Amiens, that's on the road from england to Paris Didn't receive any mail at the moment
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