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How would you rate The Resistance?  

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How would you rate The Resistance?


Feel free to give a short review including:


Good things about the album

Bad things about the album

Best track

Worst track

Favourite moment


This is all part of a comparative survey to compare and contrast each of the 5 albums, hence the standardised approach!

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It's the first Muse album i've heard that has sounded a little too familiar and tha worries me a bit. It has some exciting material on it, but most of it wouldn't sound out of place on previous Muse albums. However, Uprising, Undisclosed Desires, United States of Eurasia, MK Ultra and Exogenesis are right up there as some of Muse's best work.


My favourite track is definately the Exogenesis Symphony, in its entirety. What an epic ending to an album. It could have been sold as a seperate EP and still would have sold well.


My least favourite track is Unnatural Selection. It doesn't bother me when Muse borrow from other artists. However, when they borrow from themselves it quickly gets tiring. The main riff is too reminiscent of New Born and the breakdown is practically the outro to Space Dementia. It'll please the fans who want Origin of Symmetry 2, but i'd prefer something a little different myself.


My favourite moments are when the guitar kicks in on Overture and the piano outro to Redemption. Very effective music.

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This is hard...um...4.5 stars, rounding to 5 stars. I still don't know if I like it better than Absolution or not.


Good things about the album

Very strong musically, explores new ideas, Exogenesis is brilliant.


Bad things about the album

I would have liked more rock songs. I like to think of myself as a fan that doesn't whine for riffs in every song, but once MK Ultra ends, I get a bit disappointed that there were no more rock songs, so I guess I'm not. Guiding Light gets a little boring sometimes. The stupid gap between Cross Pollination and Redemption. Overture ends too quickly. I would have liked the orchestra used a bit more in the last two tracks.

Best tracks

Overture, United States of Eurasia, Uprising, Undisclosed Desires, Unnatural Selection.


Worst track

Guiding Light. At first I didn't get why it's so unpopular, but now I do.


Favourite moments

The falsetto and guitar solo in Overture, the abrupt start of Uprising, the intro of Resistance, "The Night has reached it's end...", "Spread our codes to the stars...", everything about USoE, the backing vocals in the last chorus of UD.

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Good things about the album

from hippity hoppitty poppity beats to epic orchestral space opera.

shows the range of their musical talents.


Bad things about the album

not enough of the rock sound and the catchy riffs.


Best track

Resistance, one of my favorite muse songs. Great sound & lyrics. Love the Bass, the Piano, the weird vocal pre-chorus followed up with the "love is our resistance". It's just a great love song unlike anything i had heard before.


Worst track

Guiding Light: just overall kind of poor. Not catchy, and i dont really like matts vocals in it either.


The Uprising: It could have been a great song, but the chorus ruined it for me.


Favourite moment

URASIAAAAAA URASIAAAA! lol, caught me by surprise

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Four Stars.


Good: Much better direction as opposed to BH&R, more focussed with less filler, symphonic resurgence and great choruses to most songs.

Bad: Guiding Light, slight lack of beef to the first half of the album (needs another riffy track) and slight lack of beef to the heavier parts in general.

Best Track(s): Resistance, Unnatural Selection, MK Ultra, Exogenesis.

Worst Track(s): Guiding Light is a real stinker. Uprising and Undisclosed Desires aren't classics either.

Favourite Moment: Clarinet solo, 'Tell us, tell us your FINAL WISH and we'll tell it to the WORLD!', pseudo-Metallica outro to Unnatural Selection.

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3 - 4 Stars


First I didn't like it all but now I've started to like it better. Still I think there's something missing, don't know. Some great songs on it but I'm just not a big fan of the symphony or Muse going Timbaland or too much queeney. :rolleyes:


Best track: MK Ultra

Worst track: United Staaaaates...

Favourite moment: when USoE is finally over... sorry!:p

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Best tracks: Exogenesis, US, MK Ultra, IBTY

Worst Track: Probably Guiding Light.

Favourite Moment: Overture. Pure bliss.


This is my second favourite Muse album. Along with Origin, I can listen to this album in full without skipping a track.

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The Resistance is the first new Muse album I listened to since I was a fan (yeah, a bit too late :(), so it's quite an special album for me but I don't think it's one of their greatest releases. 4 stars.


Good things about the album: Various genres; orchestral, heavy riffs, R&B, etc.

Bad things about the album: Too short

Best track: MK Ultra

Worst track: Uprising

Favourite moment : Tell us, tell us your final wish. We will tell it to the world.

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4 stars from me


Good things about the album:

It flows really well despite having tracks that are from completely different genres from one another. The music and lyrics alternates from epic proportions to a more personal feel and I think it works really well. The symphony is pretty freaking epic


Bad things about the album:

While the album flows really well and works perfectly as an album, I dont feel that the songs stand out as much on their on as the ones on Absolution, Black Holes and Origins do


Best track:

MK Ultra, I Belong to You


Worst track:

United States of Eurasia. Collateral Damage is great and this song sounds great live, but the studio version is just sort of meh. The "SIA" screaming, while ridiculously fun live just doesn't work on record


Favourite moment:

"Spread our codes to stars! You must rescue us all!"

When the solo kicks in at the end of Overture, its so unexpected and it sounds incredible!

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5 Stars

Good things: The album is just perfection, completely beautiful, and is a slight change of Muse whilst it still has their distinctive style

Bad things: There aren't as many awesome, epic, live, mosh-tastic tracks as on previous albums.

Best songs: MK Ultra (listening to that now :dance:), Exogenesis and Undisclosed Desires

Worst tracks: I Belong To You, Guiding Light and Unnatural Selection, I guess

Favourite moment: When Matt starts singing in the final part of Exogenesis. It's so gorgeous and is the only thing that's ever made me cry in a song.

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The only one of their albums I would give less that 5 stars (4)


Best: MK Ultra, Exogenisis, Unnatural selection


Uprising and USOE are ok


Worst: Most of the rest tbh. (in comparisom to what theyve done before)



Its just not as crazy and experimental as what theyve done before (just because they wrote a couple of songs that rip off other genres it doesnt make it good). Needs more RAWK.

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Good things about the album - Exogenesis - next time they should just make an orchestral album full stop. Umm...the return of piano driven tracks and the production.


Bad things about the album - Lack of killer riffy track. MK is the closest we get. The insistence on a power ballad (Guiding Light). Oh and why can't they make Uprising more exciting by playing the sometime live riff at the end?


Best track - Exogenesis Symphony, MK Ultra, I Belong to You


Worst track - Guiding Light


Favourite moment - All of Overture. And pretty much all of Cross-Pollination and Redemption too.

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4/5 A very interesting album and beautiful!! so bizarre when you listen to it for the first time but then you're quickly addicted! Now you know for sure that Muse are the best!! Even if some fans have been disapointed, you cannot say that many rocks bands have courage to take some risks! Muse did, and they succeed!


Good things about the album: A lot of new directions, classical influences! Matt's voice so beautiful. You're never bored.

Bad things about the album: Too short, inequal, the fact is that you don't find a chef d'oeuvre on it , great songs but not one perfect song! whereas i always found a perfect sons in their previous album. It's a shame + Matt's french :LOL::LOL:

Best track: Guiding light! just beautiful ad powerful song

Worst track: MK ultra

Favourite moment: Exogenesis symphony!! the 3 parts are so beauuuttiifulll!!

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best track: exogenesis symphony

worst track: uprising

best moment: "its our last chance to forgive ourselves" ending of exogenesis part 3


good thngs: musically fantastic, vocally superb - matts best vocal work yet


bad things: could do with one more full on rock track like unnatural selection

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best tracks: uprising, resistance, undisclosed desires, mk ultra, guiding light, united states if eurasia


least favourite: i belong to you, even though its still really good


best moments, "please me, show me how its done" when chris is heavy on the bass,


good things, everything really, amazing live, quite upbeat aswell


bad things, hard to choose a least favourite song, cause their all good


i give it 5/5 me thinks :D

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4, perhaps 4.5


Best: Not sure. Exogenesis, MK, or US maybe

Worst: Guiding Light or Undisclosed Desires.

Best Moment:

-Exo 2 Spread our codes to the stars

-Exo 1 buildup

-US Ocean

-Love is our resistance


As the novelty wears off the album, I feel like I'm starting to prefer Showbiz to The Resistance. Still not a bad album, but IMO, there are only 7 solid tracks (if counting Exo as one), whereas showbiz has ~12 and OoS has ~11

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