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  1. I think so, yes, do it now! But there are a few albums that I do consider perfect. But my favourite bands all do have one or 2 (or more) songs that I don't like.
  2. No, we can't. Lyra, we have to delete our accounts on the band forums we're on, burn our record collections and our band shirts, (and chuck out the goth juice). It's over and out.
  3. Mell, come and talk to me and Dee in his boat. We're discussing alcohol!

  4. I hope, you'll have better weather at Reading next month! Have you seen Miss Silvertongue's Love Boat yet? It's quite funny. She's set up a twitter account for me!!! Do you have one as well? I haven't confirmed mine yet.

    All those strangers in our Suede thread scare me. :( It was so cosy and comfy when we were on our own there, lol. Oh, I had too much wine last night, major headache today. :(

  5. Yay for seeing Pulp; boo for crappy weather! ...people in "our" Suede thread? Goodness me. We'll have to get some more chairs! :)

  6. P.S.: There are new people in "our" Suede thread. Scary :(

  7. Hi there!


    Pulp were amazing! <3 Unfortunately the weather was REALLY BAD, rainy and cold. But it was alright, I just had to see Pulp. I hope, they'll do a few more gigs, normal gigs, no festivals. Too bad, you didn't get a ticket. :( Now if only Strangelove would do a little reunion tour as well...then I'd finally have all of my teenage dreams come true. :)

  8. Hello yourself! :)


    I've been ok - watching the summer hols hurtle towards me *eek* No I completely FAILED to get a Pulp ticket - it sold out insanely fast. I was really disappointed. Will miss them at Reading as I'm only going for the Sunday. So am dead jealous of you seeing them this weekend - you'll have a great time! :D I saw Jarvis & co back in the 90s and they were fantastic. They deserve a 2nd lot of love <3

  9. What kind of job is it? You're a journalist, aren't you? I hope, you'll like it. :)

    That documentary on the Loveparade disaster from last summer was pretty interesting but it made me angry. 14 people died and 500 were injured because of a mass panic, the area was way too small for so many people, nobody was able to move anymore and people were just crushed, fainted and trampled upon. Scary! :(

    I've just ordered that Britpop book from amazon, a used copy for only 3 pounds. I'll tell you if it's any good.

  10. I've heard someone got killed :(

    I've decided to take a job I was offered a couple of days ago, two days a week. I'm fed up of being skint. Only problem is it starts just as the boys finish school for the summer :(

  11. True, I spent last night in front of my TV watching a documentary on the "Loveparade" disaster from last July. Did you hear about it in the UK? The chatroom the night before was way more fun.

  12. Sounds good. I might give it a try.

    Yes, I spend far too much of my time talking nonsense on the internet these days. But it's better than slumping in front of some mindless TV programme in the evenings like most people do.

  13. Futurism should be on there (not just on the Japanese version) instead of FG
  14. Hi there!


    How have you been doing? I got myself the Chapel Club album and I do love it! It reminds me of London. :)

    Did you manage to get a ticket for Pulp at Brixton Academy? I'll be seeing them this weekend (Melt festival), I'm so looking forward to this! I've always liked them but never managed to go to a gig.

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