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Good things about the album: exogenesis is definitely a new age for muse. it's awesome. its lyrics are really cool, deep and sincere.

Bad things about the album: it's not better than previous albums so it's a really bad thing for me.


Best tracks: exogenesis, unnatural selection, mk ultra

Worst track: undisclosed desires or ibty's french part


Favourite moments: guitar solos in unnatural selection (both middle section and end), cross-pollination especially from "spread our codes to the stars" to end




Worst moment: ibty's french part!!! i was shocked when i first heard it! :vomit:


"A new Age for Muse"


That sounds so cool! :awesome::LOL:


I hope they seriously build on that on the next album.

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4/5 stars slightly behind Abso and OOS.


Good things - production is the best of any Muse album yet. Smooth and flawless and transition from track to track is perfect. So many genres and so many epic length tracks.


Bad things - too many songs are just good. Not enough wow factor in the album. That's about it.


Best track - best song is easily Exogenesis: Symphony but only played together as one track. Best single track is Unnatural Selection.


Worst track - Guiding Light.


Favourite moment - "We'll get it right" - you sure fucking did Muse!


Onto the track by track:


So we start with the opening bassy intro to "Uprising". Can someone explain the hate for this song? I personally love it. The Doctor Who synthy start, that kicking bass and sure it's mainstream and has crungewirthy lyrics but surely the drums and music make up for it. This chorus is awesome but after the first chorus, I love the backing riff that comes in. It continues through the chorus too which sounds terrific. I especially love the little guitar part at the end of the third line - that chord is to die for. Then we have the "Hey!" "Hey!" "Hey!" bit that everyone hates too for some reason but for me this is a good fun song. Can't wait to see it live. Perfect show opener I think. Love the outro to which ends so abruptly inti the opening ambience of:


"Resistance". Oh holy shit, words can not describe how amazing this song is. The intro is just wonderful with the haunting echoey noise until that piano comes in with that piano riff takes over making it even better then the drums come in and the vocals. Live the fill at the end of the verse into the groan-inducing pre-chorus which is the worst part of the song. This really let's the song down in my opinion but then we hear "Love is our resistance!" and we're won back. Sensational stuff. Love the little guitar bit over the piano riff before the second verse starts. Then that wonderful chorus again leading into the bridge which is just where the song explodes. I live the little neck slide before "we must run..." and then of course when Matt belts out "Resiiiiiiiiiistaaaaaaance!!!!" into that choir like echoey outro. Oh and this flows absolutely perfectly into:


"Undisclosed Desires" which is a guilty pleasure of mine. I love the vibe this song has. There really isn't anything to comment on as this song is about 99% synthetic although I dig that slap bass and the backing vocals are terrific. This has a good atmosphere about it too. The quintessential shut up and listen Muse song. Very enjoyable. I like the oohs and aha in the bridge section; the bass is really recognizable here too. Also love the background vocalizing in the final chorus and the way the final note hist sort of floats away to let:


"United States of Eurasia", which to me from first listen was fun and different almost like a case of "how many genres can we cr into one song?". Sure it was a shameless rip-off of Queen but the great thing is they do it so well and still make it Musey. So we open with that gentle slow piano sounding like it will be a ballad. Then it suddenly gets a beat and it's all a bit weird for a while there. We're not sure what to expect and then comes that Arabian sounding bridge thingy that just plain doesn't belong but is still hilarious and wonderful all at once. I love the chords he plays in the second verse and the strings in the background as well as the way he sings "to duuuust". Then there's that awesome little guitar part (still don't know the technical term. Can anyone help me) that frankly sounds just like Brian May, right before the second chorus and that part we all love - the chants of "Sia, Sia, Sia!". Love the high "Sia" in the background. Then the song turns into a classical piece ala Butterflies and Hurricanes. I like this bit as it just sounds so pleasant with the backing "oohs" so harmonious and sweet in the background. Then of course we have that rumble and the jet noise which cleverly crosses over to:


"Guiding Light". Oh my God, the epic drums!! Love that beat, right through the song. Say what you will, that it's shit, that it's the worse Muse song ever written, I think it is brilliant. The guitar coming in midway through the little instrumental fill before the chorus. Then we have that solo. Not as impressive as the one on Invincible bur still very good. The first real solo we've had on the album. Into the final chorus and onto a powerful finish except the refrain. I just don't like it and think this is a big reason why people hate it so much. Still, all in all the perfect lighter song and that final beat sets up the opening pipe organ chords of:


"Unnatural selection". Straight away you think "Wow, Megalomania" and think it is going to be epic. Then after the slow intro which doesn't really fo much to be honest, that riff kick starts. It's nothing like Newborn, anyone who thinks it is is kidding themselves. It's not as good, obviously but still a good riff on it's own. Then we have the pre-chorus leading back into the chorus and then that "woo" before the riff again and the second verse. Now look, this song is good but a little repetitive and boring til now so it's great that he changes the lyrics a little here but then the sing changes with that slow, bluesy bridge. Love the sustained chord before the harmonics laced with the pipe organ in the background and the guitar riff over it before the wails of Matt take us into the solo. That slow, wonderful solo that just lifts this song in my opinion. Terrific and enjoyable. All too soon, the bridge dies and the pre-chorus starts back up leading into one more epic chorus. And then it's still not over!! We have one more killer riff during this outro. I love this riff more than the original especially the upwards neck slide into the last four bars before this blends into:


"MK Ultra" which is really annoying at the start. That opening riff just doesn't sound right, almost like it isn't finished. But I love the verses and how high Matt sings - nor the lyrics though, WTF?!! I love the way it picks up in the pre-chorus and gets faster into that awesome almost bridge section with the strings during "breaking throuuuuuugh" then the steady drums as it leads into the first breakdown. Love the drums here too, throughout the entire second verse. Brilliant Dom, especially that fast fill before the "ooh". Back into the fast pre-chorus and then the chorus again which now I think of it reminds me of Space Dementia. Then the awesome outro (I know, another one!) before dropping off to he replaced by the opening piano riff of:


"I Belong To You (Mon Coeur S'ouvre a Ta Voix)" which as many have said is just :wtf: worthy. First we have that piano intro that reminds me of Supertramp (not fucking Maroon 5 : LOL:) and that little "Woo" and the "hmm hmmm". Straight away you know they are gunna have some fun with this song. Then the lyrics start, "you're my guiding lightning strike" - oh come on. You want to :facepalm: but it's so funny you just crack up to be honest. And then "she attacks me like a leo, when her heart is split like rio". Oh dear. And then when they say "you are my muuuuuuuuuu-uuuuuuuuuu....". Youre on the floor its so funny. And now we have the insane operatic Sampson and Delilah aria here - make no mistake, Matt's French is atrocious but still funny. However the second half of this part where the strings cone in is just wonderful. And then the last "I belong. I belooooooong to youuuuuuuuuuu....." leading into that awesome part of "uuuuuuuuuu-uuuuuuse". And then the bass clarinet solo. Another shout out to Supertramp. And it fits so well. I love it. One final chorus and then the song fades inti that final note which blends well into the opening note of:


"Exogenesis: Symphony". Now this will be epic. Part by part, Exo is good but not great. However add all parts together and you get one fantastic song. It bugs me when people whine that calling a 12 minute rock song a symphony is pretentious. Who really fucking cares? It's brilliant, is what it is. Onto the review then. From the opening strings of "Overture" to the final notes of "Redemption" the journey is epic and beautiful. This is pure genius in musical form. So we begin with that opening orchestral bit of:


"Overture". Just brilliant. I especially love that bit where the brass is really low and majestic with the rolling bass drum. Love the little interlude here before the third time when the key fakes a change then does change a little layer and then the strings making that arpeggio as the drums come in and Matt's beautiful falsetto says "Aping my soul, you stole my overture" - oh how wonderful. But what I live here is the bit where he sings the "who are we? Where are we? When are we? Why are we?" and so on leading into the guitar coming in. Love that solo and the little bass guitar fill at the end if it before "I can't forget you...". Love the drum fills between the next set of "Who are we"s as the song builds to a massive crescendo and collapses into:


"Cross-pollination" with that beautiful classical influenced style of piano at the start that really conveys a sense of utterly loss and despair and hopelessness. It really feels like the end if the world. Then the slow melancholic "Rise above the crowds" giving some sort of sense of hope. Love the chord played at 1:34 which really helps turn this part of the song. Sure enough, we hear the "we are counting on you, it's up to you..." which builds up into the second half where he pleads "Spread our code to the stars!" and then "Tell us - tell us you final wish!". Oh how poignant. Then as the song turns back into the piano section, this bit reminds me of Rachmaninov and sounds like someone looking for help and those last few chords which just sound hopeful. Wonderful. And then we have the opening notes of:


"Redemption", which is in my opinion the most beautiful piece of music Muse have ever created. Sitting here listening to it, I just want to cry. The second half of the intro with those plaintive strings like wails and calls. Then that gorgeous chord at 1:35 where the music changes again leading into the final beautiful refrain of "Lets start over again" and of course that line that simultaneously wants me to cry and sends shivers down my spine 1 "We'll get it right!!!!" oh what perfection. And then fading away into that same piano melody which just melts away. Absolutely bloody incredible. The perfect end to the perfect piece of music which is the perfect end to the entire song, which is the perfect end to the album. I have no words. I have run out superlatives.

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Best to worst (counting Exo as one song)


1. Exogenesis: Symphony

2. Unnatural Selection

3. Resistance

4. MK Ultra

5. United States of Eurasia

6. I belong to you (Mon Coeur S'ouvre a Ta Voix)

7. Uprising

8. Undisclosed Desires

9. Guiding Light


(counting them as three seperate tracks)


1. Unnatural selection

2. Overture

3. Resistance

4. Redemption

5. MK Ultra

6. Cross-Pollination

7. United States of Eurasia

8. I belong to you (Mon Coeur S'ouvre a Ta Voix)

9. Uprising

10. Undisclosed Desires

11. Guiding Light

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Best track: Muscle Museum

Worst track: Uprising - Only because I've heard it so much

Favourite moment: Part 3 of Exogenesis


MM? WTF? :wtf:


I can't really name any positive points about this album. It's my least favourite.

I dislike this Classical/Queen look for them. I know it's cliche and annoying, but I miss the OoS era. A LOT.

Matt's vocals in the album really piss me off. Nobody agrees, I know, but I hate Matt's deep vocals- I actually liked Showbiz vocals best.

I actually don't understand what all the Exogenesis hype is about. Wow! A fucking symphony! Made by a rock band! Honestly- It doesn't interest me. I don't like it, I find it boring apart from the C-P climax.


Sorry, but I like rock music, I chose Muse because of their original rock image. Not this shite.

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MM? WTF? :wtf:


I can't really name any positive points about this album. It's my least favourite.

I dislike this Classical/Queen look for them. I know it's cliche and annoying, but I miss the OoS era. A LOT.

Matt's vocals in the album really piss me off. Nobody agrees, I know, but I hate Matt's deep vocals- I actually liked Showbiz vocals best.

I actually don't understand what all the Exogenesis hype is about. Wow! A fucking symphony! Made by a rock band! Honestly- It doesn't interest me. I don't like it, I find it boring apart from the C-P climax.


Sorry, but I like rock music, I chose Muse because of their original rock image. Not this shite.


I don't agree with your whole thoughts but on some points i agree. And i hate his voice since BH&R, that's horrible!

If you are found of their rock image, just stop listenning to their new stuff and listen to what they have done (that's what i do :happy: )


Anyway to me, the good point is the symphony ! First time since the Butterflies & Hurricanes piano solo part, i feel something in my heart. And i said maybe they are not lost at all. They could grown into something good.


Worst thing : no genius at all in this album. They have done some remix of their songs (Resistance = the new starlight)


best tracks = Exogenesis; United States of Eurasia. (the rest is full of shit)


worst tracks = Guiding Light; Uprising; Resistance.


Now, with Muse, i know something : on their next albums, it will be always the same thing. Two or three good songs and the rest... :rolleyes: makes money, that's what they are looking for. :stunned:

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Uprising - a catchy, simple rock song, but now it's just boring.

Resistance - got very boring after a while, despite being so good at first.

Undisclosed Desires - a dull attempt at making a synthpop track, but still catchy.

United States of Eurasia - over the top, but still alright. CD is nice.

Guiding Light - goes well with USoE for the overthetopness. I like the cheesiness.

Unnatural Selection - the track is out of place in the middle of the album. It lacks oomph on record.

MK Ultra - it doesn't lack oomph on record, it has none. 'tis a bore on the album, sadly.

I Belong To You - it's nothing memorable. I like the song, but it got so boring so quickly.

Overture - <3 amazing.

Cross-Pollination - a horrible way to break up such a nice symphony. The climax of the song to be one of the worst points of the album.

Redemption - still is amazing as the first time I heard it, nearly. Nothing but love for the song.


All in all - I don't like the album anymore because the stuff is so disposable, but Overture and Redemption are still amazing.

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I've been playing CD in its proper form for quite some time now and I only realise now that he plays it really...












MM? WTF? :wtf:


I can't really name any positive points about this album. It's my least favourite.

I dislike this Classical/Queen look for them. I know it's cliche and annoying, but I miss the OoS era. A LOT.

Matt's vocals in the album really piss me off. Nobody agrees, I know, but I hate Matt's deep vocals- I actually liked Showbiz vocals best.

I actually don't understand what all the Exogenesis hype is about. Wow! A fucking symphony! Made by a rock band! Honestly- It doesn't interest me. I don't like it, I find it boring apart from the C-P climax.


Sorry, but I like rock music, I chose Muse because of their original rock image. Not this shite.


Hmm. Completely different to me. I got into Muse because of their overt classical influences, and I really enjoy when they take it to the extreme. I think they can go even better than this but for now Exo is right up the top of the playlists for me.

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Best tracks: MK Ultra, Exogenesis, Unnatural Selection, United States of Eurasia, I Belong to You

Worst track:Guiding Light

Favourite moment: MK Ultra riff, Overture, OOOOOOCEAAAAN, strings in USoE, "This time we'll get it, get it riiiiiiiight, it's our last chance to forgive ourselves", US outro, clarinet solo

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I gave it 5/5 :)


Good things about this album: Everything!


Bad things about this album: Can´t think of anything..


Best track: MK Ultra, Exogenesis (all 3), Unnatural Selection


Worst track: Undisclosed Desires (but I still like it)


Favourite moment: I´m a "new" fan and had not really listened to Muse before October last year, but then I took my daughter to see her favorite band since 4 years. When the show started with Exogenesis my heart nearly burst. I cried, I laughed, it was an incredible experience. Since then I am a fanatic fan and hardly ever listen to any other music. With this novel I want to say that my favourite moment is the beginning of Exogenesis. ;)

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Just a tad less than both OoS and Absolution which both get 9s from me.


Uprising - 8/10

- An absolute monster live.

Resistance - 7/10

- If Muse are to do pop-rock songs, this is what I'd prefer.

Undisclosed Desires - 6.5/10

- An interesting, largely successful experiment. I wouldn't want them to take it much further though unless the electronic element gets the rock treatment.

United States Of Eurasia - 7.5/10

- Muse-by-numbers piano-rock song with beautiful strings and a very poignant outro.

Guiding Light - 2/10

- Just awful, redeemed solely by the ridiculousness of the solo.

Unnatural Selection - 8.5/10

- Another standard Muse-by-numbers song but with a cracking riff, excellent breakdown, some good wailing by Matt and an awesome pseudo-Metallica outro. Like Uprising, it has become monolithic live.

MK Ultra - 9/10

- Mario Karts meets Muse. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. The kinda of electronic-tinged rock music that I wish Muse would pursue.

I Belong To You - 8.5/10

- Silly, irreverant, honest and catchy, and that's before we mention the clarinet solo.

Exogenesis - 9/10

- 13 minutes of classical-come-rock Museyness. What's not too like?


It's a great album, certainly a huge step-up from BH&R.

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Gave it 4/5 but it's possibly slipped down to 3/5.


Uprising, USOE and Undisclosed are fun pop songs but I don't really listen to them, and I've begun to really dislike Resistance. And I hate Guiding Light. I just find that other than UD, all of these songs have weak choruses.


The second half of the album would get 4/5, maybe even 5/5. US and MK Ultra, especially MK, are fantastic representations of Muse's current sound (when they can be assed!), and IBTY is probably more catchy than the first half othe album combined. And Exo is lurvely : )

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Best track: MK Ultra

Worst track: Guiding Light

Worst moment: When the synth comes in at the start of Guiding Light

Favourite moments: Undisclosed Desires' last chorus, "tell us, tell us your fiiiiiiiinal wish" in Cross-Pollination, "leeeet's start oooooover" in Redemption, "i want the truuuuuuth!" in Unnatural Selection



MK Ultra

Unnatural Selection

United States of Eurasia

Exogenesis Symphony Part 2: Cross-Pollination

Exogenesis Symphony Part 3: Redemption

Exogenesis Symphony Part 1: Overture

Undisclosed Desires



I Belong To You

Guiding Light

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Good things about the album

Most of it to be honest

Best track


Worst track

Undisclosed Desires .Although a lot of people dislike Guiding Light ,I'm rather fond of it

Favourite moment

There's quite a few but currently it's "Spread our code to the stars,You must rescue us all "

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4 stars



Best track: MK Ultra

Worst track: Guiding Light

Favourite moment: Overture guitar solo or whatever


1. MK Ultra

2. Uprising

3. United States of Eurasia

4. Overture

5. Resistance

6. Unnatural Selection

7. Cross Pollination

8. Redemption

9. Undisclosed Desires

10. I Belong to You

11. Guiding Light


Exogenesis as a whole would rank 5th.

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Best Track: Exo (as a whole)

Worst Track: Undisclosed Desires


1. Cross-Pollination

2. Redemption

3. Overture

4. MK Ultra

5. Resistance

6. Unnatural Selection

7. Uprising

8. Guiding Light

9. USoE

10.I Belong to You (Only reason its not last is because its hilarious)

11. Undisclosed Desires


Exogenesis as a whole is number one but I sorted it into the parts that I liked best.

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Uprising - Dull

Resistance - Duller

Undisclosed Desires - Immense tune

USOE - Siaa! Love it

Guiding Light - dull

Unnatural Selection - 4 minutes too long

MK ULTRA - reasonably enjoyable

IBTY - French bit is good, otherwise dull

Overture - Immense

Cross Pollination - Dull

Redemption - Immense



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Uprising - boring

Resistance - alright

Undisclosed Desires - alright

USOE - alright

Guiding Light - fucking horrible

Unnatural Selection - great

MK ULTRA - fucking fantastic

IBTY - pretty good, French bit is fucking horrible

Overture - Immense

Cross Pollination - Immense

Redemption - Immense



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Best tracks: Exogenesis (all), MK Ultra.


Worst track: I'll say Undisclosed Desires, I still like it though.


Best parts: All the huge Queen-ish parts of USoE, the harmonies and riffage of MK Ultra, the DAUW DAUW! guitar bits in Uprising, the Guiding Light and Overture solos and above all, the "we'll get it riiiiiiiiiiight!" part in Redemption.

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4 stars. It's my least favourite Muse album, but I by no means dislike it. =)


Best track: Exogenesis Part 3: Redemption

Worst track: Guiding Light. >_>


Uprising: It was catchy when I first heard it, but the more I listen to it the more repetitive it gets.


Resistance: The "could be wrong, could be wrong" part annoys me, but otherwise the song is good.


Undisclosed Desires: I think UD's great, especially the last chorus. =) Really catchy.


United States of Eurasia: I think it's an interesting song, even though it's kind of boring in the beginning for me.


Guiding Light: It's not a bad song. It's just so cheesy.


Unnatural Selection: I don't really like the beginning, but once I'm past that the song's great. =)


MK Ultra: One of my favourites off The Resistance. I love the riff, and the "They're breaking through" part.


I Belong To You: I think it's a fun pop song that's easy to listen to. Makes me smile. :) I don't really mind the French part, I think it's funny.


Overture: Love love love Exogenesis. Matt's falsetto = love.


Cross-pollination: Least favourite Exogenesis part, but still awesome. I just find it underwhelming compared to the other two parts.


Redemption: Pure awesome. The piano in the beginning is amazing, the strings are beautiful, and Matt's vocals are, as always, wonderful to listen to. =)

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