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    -Amnéville 1/11/09
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  2. Â So true. His solo album is Crossfire is the only "good song" . The video is funny tough.
  3. Oh god! Now THIS IS AN EPIC WIN. Mike, you're my hero! This is the best news ever Thanks so much for Alice!! She deserves it!!!! I imagine Dom and Matt's faces reading what's written on the flag
  4. Yeah I heard about that! Fortunately for you, it was for the friday gig! It was raining heavily the day after, all night long !!
  5. Oui, toi, Aline (of course), Cassie et Seb, j'ai croisé deux-trois autres personnes du thread mais euh.... j'ai pas bcp de memoire lol


    Ouai, c'est vraiment pas mal, ca me permet de pas avoir de probleme avec le chomage, j'apprend quelque chose qui me tente, et en prime, je gagne 1€ de l'heure...

    maintenant, il faut encore que mon test a l'inscription se passe bien, et qu'il y ai encore de la place pour le prochain module :erm:

  6. :( Moi j'y penses meme pas, je reprends les cours avant! donc c'est archi-mort pour wembellamy!


    Ben tu connais deja Aline et moi! je ne sais pas si tu as croisé Lynda ou Cassie aux Vielles charrues mais ne t'inquietes surtout pas! tu es la bienvenue! et puis on parle vraiment de tout et surtout de n'importe quoi :D


    C'est cool cette formation! j'ai toujours voulu faire un truc en anglais, mais j'ai vite abandonné!

  7. oui, je vais souvent y faire un tour, mais, je ne sais jamais quoi dire, vous vous connaissez depuis un moment, et j'ose pas... probleme de timidité lol

    oww :( je comprend, idem pour moi, en plus, je devais aller a Wembley, mais j'ai du annulé,:supersad: je dois commencer une formation en septembre, le seul point positif, c'est que je vais essayer de commencer une formation d'Anglais, ca peux etre pratique :happy:

  8. ça peut aller! j'avais vu ton nom sur le thread francophone, n'hesite pas a venir papoter avec nous! Sinon je suis toujours dans ma phase post gig depression! et puis la fac qui arrive :(

  9. Hey coucou toi! ca va super, et toi? :kiss:

  10. Un petit coucou! J'éspère que tu vas bien :D

  11. Â Yeahh!! It's helpful to have a sports store next to the stadium! Â Â Well, some of us were waiting at 6 AM
  12. Let's face the truth, we, as french hate everybody! even french Musers! No jealousy about nationality! The Big Pink I only remember of the weird haircut of the singer, but the songs Yes. Well for me it's their best song, but I won't fight to prove this is THE muse song. It has to be back on setlists that's all
  13. Ok, apologies for my english but my heart is speaking  Here's my list :  -Pretentious musers constantly judging newlyfans. Those new fans might have taken some time to listen to the whole discography and try to know more about the band, than some "real fans" would ever do. Who cares how everyone find out the band? Even if, it's thanks to a crap movie or one of their crappiest recent song!  -Musers who can't bear that some people hate Microcuts or Showbiz whereas they like Guiding Light, Starlight or Feeling good. Everyone is free to enjoy any Muse song (Well, except those who hate Citizen erased. No brains.)  - Oh and I hate french musers seriously . Well actually, those who claim everywhere they're the best fans. the best audience. This is boring.  - Gig experience: Musers who are so exclusive with the band, and stay mentionless during supporting acts ! For example when, Kasabian supported Muse in Paris. I hate those people staring at you like you're the devil and thinking "How dare you enjoy this band instead of our three beloved guys". Open your ears and your eyes!! *ninja* That was shameful.   I hate intolerant musers. I really do.
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