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    feeder, alter bridge, afi, 30 seeconds to mars, pink floyd, queen, rush, ozzy osbourne, joe bonamassa, paul gilbert, kids in glass houses, papa roach, nickelback, shinedown, metallica, enter shikari, u2
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    Marvel comics, mostly X-men
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    Origin of Symmetry
    Blackholes and Revelations
    The Resistance (CD+DVD)
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    Live at Rome Olympic Stadium (CD + Blu Ray)
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    The Den - Teignmouth - 5th September 2009
    O2 Arena - London - 12th November 2009
    MEN Arena - Manchester - 1st November 2012
    Newport Center - 19th March 2015
    MEN Arena 8th April 2016
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  1. Anybody else expecting a "surprise" Christmas release after this?
  2. Add Assassin The Small Print Butterflies & Hurricanes (Guitar Version) Agitated Unnatural Selection Consider adding Crying Shame Eternally Missed Remove Madness Isolated System Sober
  3. Showbiz Bliss Butterflies & Hurricanes Knights of Cydonia Unnatural Selection Animals Reapers
  4. Knights, even if it is cliché at this point. I like the idea of ss followed by 10+ minutes of riffage and destruction though
  5. all that i can find is the live footage and the 2 making of bits (defector/globalist)
  6. i think it bizarrely works, but should be shorter, and part of The Globalist
  7. http://www.musewiki.org/The_Handler_(tablature) Had a go at tabbing this out, I know it's not 100% so could do with any help offered
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