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4 Stars


Good things about the album: Very different compared to all the other Muse albums. Also sounds more epic.


Bad things about the album: Matt's French. I'm not French but his French in this song is ... :eek:


Best track: Exogenesis


Worst track: Guiding Light? (I don't hate it, but I won't really go and listen to it unless I put the entire album in playlist)


Favourite moment: When Matt goes "youuuuu stoooweeeeee my oweeeertureeeeeee" in Overture.

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Good things about the album:

- The most "magical" album from the band, and the most daring album of 2009.

- Very theatrical; you can feel Matt's soul plastered all over this album

- A quirky, almost innocent feel.

- Best sound production from any Muse album, with the vocals clearer than ever.

- Works well even when the focus isn't on the "Rock-your-socks-off" heavy side of the band. Somehow, the lack of riffage from tracks 2-5 only serves to build up to Unnatural Selection.

- The genre-hopping is quite successful, with Undisclosed Desires actually working.

- The albums flows extremely well, even with all the musical styles and moods in this album.

- Matt has matured vocally, making his velvety voice even more velvetier (wtf?)

- Contains the 'essence' of the Muse soundscape: Exogenesis.

- There are no tracks on this album which I would skip. Even Undisclosed Desires is decent.

- Has the best closing track of any Muse album.


Bad things:

- After opening tracks such as New Born, Apocalypse Please, and Take a Bow, Uprising seems flat when compared to them (but works in the context of this album)

- With the exception of Unnatural Selection and MK Ultra, the album marks the band's departure from hardcore riffage, and that makes me a sad panda.

- See above

- See above, with more emphasis on the sad panda



Best track: Overture

Worst track: Undisclosed Desires


Favourite moment: The intro to Overture. The strings sound incredible

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2 stars


Best track: Uprising

Worst track: Guiding Light

Favourite moment: The Exogenesis Symphony.


Best tracks, top to bottom.



Exogenesis Symphony

I Belong To You (though the middle part is a drawback)

MK Ultra


United States Of Eurasia

Unnatural Selection

Undisclosed Desires

Guiding Light

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Good things about the album:

The overall flow of this album and it's easy listening makes it an awesome travel partner be it walking, driving or cycling. It gave me a lot of inspiration and it also took part in my wedding as musical ambiance. It also took part in my classroom during my practicum as a musical dictation and was well received by the students. The attempt at making a long streak of music (exogenesis) was successful and I am looking forward to more of that.


Bad things about the album:

This is the first album I listened to after discovering the song SMBH. I bought it alongside the BHAR album and the fact that I listened to such a great album for starter gave me difficulty with the appreciation of the other albums. I wanted a gradual love approach and I got an extremist's instead. Now, I am expecting better all the time.


Best track

Undisclosed desires has been the most touching one quickly followed by the Resistance as it reflects and connects deep within me. I am very touched by the lyrics and the music of both songs.


Worst track

Unatural Selection, don't get me wrong, it's an awesome track until the weird solos that I can't seem to put my finger on. Why are they there and why do they seem to disturb the natural flow of music? I still haven't figured out why.


Favourite moment

Sitting down in my bedroom with a pair of headphone and becoming one with the music from the album. I always do that when I buy music, I will sit down and listen to each and every track and etch its fullness within my brain.

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  • 9 months later...

Uprising - 7.5/10

Resistance - 8.5/10

Undisclosed Desires - 8/10

United States of Eurasia - 8.5/10

Guiding Light - 6/10

Unnatural Selection - 8.5/10

MK Ultra - 8.5/10

I Belong To You - 7/10

Exogenesis: Overture - 8.5/10

Exogenesis: Cross-Pollination - 9/10

Exogenesis: Redemption - 9.5/10


Overall: 8.14

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Uprising - 8.5/10

Resistance - 6/10

Undisclosed Desires - 6/10

United States of Eurasia - 8.5/10

Guiding Light - 3/10

Unnatural Selection - 8.5/10

MK Ultra - 9.5/10

I Belong To You - 7/10

Exogenesis: Overture - 7/10

Exogenesis: Cross-Pollination - 7/10

Exogenesis: Redemption - 8/10

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Uprising - 7.5

Resistance - 8

Undisclosed Desires - 9

United States of Eurasia - 7

Guiding Light - 6.5 (still has some good to it)

Unnatural Selection - 7

MK Ultra - 9.5

I Belong To You - 7

Overture - 10

Cross-Pollination - 9.5

Redemption - 9.5

Overall would probably be about an 8 out of 10.

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Good things:

Lots of experimenting, great to hear them flexing their musical muscles, so to speak, rather than staying in their comfort zone. Very accomplished musically and flows well. Exogenesis is stunning. USoE brilliantly walks the line between being mad in a good way and mad in a bad, silly way. Unidisclosed, as pop music goes, is very good. US and MKU compliment each other very well and Uprising and Resistance work well together as opposites, would have made a great Double-A side rather than the comercial disaster that was their individual releases.


Bad things:

Far too short for the variation that goes on, it feels like they tried to pack too much into it. As a result there's a drastic change in style after pretty much every song apart from US and MKU, and the symphony. Also, it lapses into self-parody on occasion and half of it feels like a joke rather than a serious effort, which would be OK if the other half didn't take itself so seriously. I think it should really have been two albums, one with the serious stuff with songs like MK, Uprising and US on it, and then a more relaxed record for Undisclosed, IBTY and Guiding Light.


Best song:

Exogenesis, as a whole, is easily the best thing they've ever made in my opinion. hard to really put it into words. Without wishing to sound like a silly fanboy on my first post that isn't "hello", it's close to perfection, I can't see them topping it. For a standalone track, I'd say MK Ultra, it's a fantastic song, shows what TR could have been if it was more focussed.


Worst song:

Guiding Light. I used to hate IBTY, but I've started liking it in it's own little way. GL just got worse and worse. There's just no need for it to exist.


Favourite moment:

Guitar solo in Overture, start of vocals in Cross-Pollination, interlude in Resistance.


Uprising 7-Not bad, but should have been the much better live version

Resistance 6-Not bad, but it's basically a weaker version of Starlight without the clapping

Undisclosed Desires 7-Still rises and falls, can't make my mind up really, but it's not a bad pop song, I just don't think it's what Muse should be making

United States of Eurasia 9-Mad, borderline ridiculous but very accomplished musically

Guiding Light 3-Eww

Unnatural Selection 7.5-Breakdown feels over-long and dull on record, but a worthy successor to New Born

MK Ultra 9-Superb, took a while to get into the way the riff stops in the middle, but still excelent

I Belong To You 6-Fun and different, but too silly

Overture 10

Cross Pollination 10

Redemption 10


I think overall, it just about scrappes a fifth star, but they'll have to pick one direction and stick with it next time, they've shown they can do most styles well, and shown how talented they are, now they just need to pick one direction and perfect it.

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3 stars


Uprising: 7/10

Resistance: 7.5/10

UD: 8/10

USoE: 6/10

Guiding Light: 6.7/10

US: 7/10

MK: 8/10

IBTY: 6.8/10

Exo pt 1: 9/10

Exo pt 2: 6.8/10

Exo pt 3: 10/10


Good things about album: It's very experimental. Exogenesis part 3 is a beautiful song that just makes the album. TR managed to get in some nice bass lines and some guitar riffs. It's creative I suppose. It's different.


Bad Things: it's so mainstream :LOL: There's nothing that really sticks out. Comparing it to all of the other Muse album, it goes last. The cheesyness exceeds the limit, it takes away the "live" feel that they always want to put off with their albums (like how they write there songs as if they're meant to be played live). It's kind of a boring album. UD shouldn't even be on TR.


Best track: Exo part 3, it's beautiful all together. The simplicity of the piano, the power of Matt voice, I mean it's a simple song, but just holds so much power you know? The lyrics are wonderful.


Worst track: USoE. Sorry, it's just very dull.


Favorite moment: All of Exo part 3, The falsetto in the background of the guitar solo in Overture

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Wow!! Really not much love for Uprising. Personally I love it and is one of the best tracks on the album. Anyway;


Uprising - 10

Resistance - 8.5

Undisclosed Desires - 8

United States of Eurasia - 7

Guiding Light - 6.5

Unnatural Selection - 8.5

MK Ultra - 10

I Belong To You - 6

Exogenesis P1 Overture - 10* (by far my favourite track on the album)

Exogenesis P2 Cross-Pollination - 9

Exogenesis P3 Redemption - 9.5


Overall 9 out of 10. If it wasn't for IBTY & Guiding light it would be perfect.


1. Origin Of Symmetry

2. Absolution

3. The Resistace

4. Black Holes & Revelations

5. Showbiz

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Uprising - 10/10

Resistance - 7/10

Undisclosed Desires - 4/10

United States of Eurasia - 7/10

Guiding Light - 3/10

Unnatural Selection - 9/10

MK Ultra - 10/10

I Belong To You - 6/10

Exogenesis: Overture - 8/10

Exogenesis: Cross-Pollination - 7/10

Exogenesis: Redemption - 7.5/10

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4 stars.



Just great tracks for their own purposes. Uprising is a catchy tune that's aged much better than Starlight. Undisclosed Desires is, for me, an exciting change of direction and something I'd like to see more of, even though it was poor live. US and MK are welcome riffy tracks, IBTY is delightful, and the symphony is just great.




It's diverse, but also somewhat unoriginal. They sometimes end up sounding like caricatures of themselves. My main problem with it is that they sound like they're trying so hard to please everyone; the awkward mix of styles- pop/Rnb, symphonic and riffy- clash and make it strange to listen to as an album, even if the individual songs are quite strong.

Guiding Light. It's not even funny.

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Uprising - 10/10

Resistance - 10/10

Undisclosed Desires - 7/10

United States of Eurasia - 7/10

Guiding Light - 9/10

Unnatural Selection - 10/10

MK Ultra - 10/10

I Belong To You - 8/10

Exogenesis: Overture - 10/10

Exogenesis: Cross-Pollination - 10/10

Exogenesis: Redemption - 10/10


Best Track: Exogenesis: Redemption

Worst Track: Undisclosed Desires


Overall: 9/10 or 4.5 Stars out of 5

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Uprising - 7/10

Resistance - 9/10

Undisclosed Desires - 10/10

United States of Eurasia - 10/10

Guiding Light - 8/10

Unnatural Selection - 8/10

MK Ultra - 7/10

I Belong To You - 10/10

Exogenesis: Overture - 9/10

Exogenesis: Cross-Pollination - 10/10

Exogenesis: Redemption - 9/10


Four stars I say. The Resistance didn't have any bad songs, but a lot of them I thought were "meh."

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