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3/5 My lowest rated Muse album. Everything else got a 4 or 5. 3 is pushing it a little. Only cause I'm not a Queen fan and the consistent Queen-ish-ness turns me off.


Good things about the album:

Like it has been said, the album is consistent. The sound flows well no matter how great some songs are, and bad others are. On Absolution, the songs seem to jump around a lot, but this album is focused and I can listen to it, in order, without having to jump around to make it feel solid. Not to mention, the songs that are good, are REALLY good. Shows Muse diversity and underlying talents (I.E. Exogenesis).


Bad things about the album:

Three shitty, terrible songs. That's an extreme amount considering how many songs are on the album and they're not even partially good, they're just terrible all around. To the point where I can't even listen to them.


Best track:

Unnatural Selection, USOE, and all of Exogenesis


Worst track:

Undisclosed Desires, Guiding Light, I Belong To You


Favourite moment:

All of Exogenesis. The whole thing just flows so perfectly and just feels so dreamy, while intense and out of this world when you listen to it straight through. The songs are also great to listen to separately. The bridge in US, just awesome. That is all.

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I give it a 3.5, but I rounded up to 4 for the poll.


Good things about the album - Unnatural Selection, MK Ultra, Exogenesis

Bad things about the album - GL, IBTY, general "Queen"ness, lack of decent B-sides.

Best track - MK Ultra or Unnatural Selection

Worst track - GL

Favourite moment - Exogenesis part 2: "Spread our codes to the stars!!"

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5 Stars


With this album I see them developing as a true band and trying new things. Undisclosed Desires was in my opinion a 180 for them and they did a great job with it. And even Exogenesis (what I'd call a classic rock piece) sounds insane! I still get chills. I know there's fans that say "I want the old Muse back" and I think it's great that they don't sound the same from their Showbiz days cause then to me they'd be boring. I love how most of the tracks here don't sound the same. They each have a personality. Bravo!


Although I love this album much, some of the songs sound a little too Top 40 Radio Hits and I really don't listen to the Top 40 Stations much.


Best Track:I Belong To You

Worst Track:Guiding Light (I don't hate it but not my favorite)

Best Moment:Every second of Exogenesis

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7/10 (gave it a four)

This album feels the most like an album. It's consistent, it's definitive Muse. It flows perfectly. It feels like a whole.You can tell they worked on the structure as a whole.

It's also under developed. Songs feel like an idea stretched out to a song, they never really progress anywhere. I get the feeling they wanted to create 'the' Muse album, we have:

The Singles:

Uprising: A stadium anthem, it's got the drums and the bass. The chant and the sing along chorus. Something you can whistle too. I like this song but it's repetitive.

Resistance: The rock title song. You can sing to it. It's personal yet epic.It feels like it goes somewhere, it's a journey but it just isn't 'great'.

Undisclosed Desires: The dance single, again, don't hate this song but there's no grove.


Then we have:

USOE: The piano rock song: One of the highlights, it's fun yet rocks but it feels over before it really begins. Collateral Damage is slow but it adds to the flow and shows more this is an album to be taken as a whole.

Guiding Light: The power ballad. Again, not hate for this song. We have our 1st proper guitar solo which fits so well but is over too soon (The guitar on this album hints Matt could be a guitar hero but never takes it far enough).

The rock songs:

Unnatural Selection: The rock epic. I get the 'inferior New Born' comments on this. Its good but again not great. The break works well, especially live. I just wish they used the outro and developed it further.

MK Ultra: The rock song. I don't understand the 'love' this gets. It's fairy average although I enjoy it.


The experimental stuff:

IBTY: It's fun, don't really know what to say about it.

Exogenesis: Epic, although it doesn't feel like a whole. I feel they could have taken this further but it's a great direction and one i hope (but doubt) will be taken to it's rightful place.


This seems like the album to give to friends. It has everything muse has done (althought better, see NB, CE, Bliss, B&H, Invincible, SMBH etc...). It's great muse album though not as experimental as they could have gone. It feels like their standing still. Trying to appeal to everyone.



Good things about the album: It really is an album. It's tight, every song has it's place.

Bad things about the album: It's been done before and better. It's full of ideas not taken to where they could of gone.Artwork continuity.

Best track: Exogenesis. It's everywhere muse should be. Epic. Emotional. A journey, a story. Your not in the same place at the beginning as you are at the end. Something they just take to it's full place but something i doubt will happen.

Worst track:There isn't one. The songs are good, just not great.

Favourite moment: Codes to the stars.


Muse could go anywhere at this point, problem is, last time they didn't.

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This album is potentially what BHaR should've been - the evolution of Muse, come complete. They went from the intimacy of Showbiz to the power of Resistance in a decade ... not bad at all. The entire album still lifts my armhairs when I play it to the hilt.

Five stars, well deserved.

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Good things about the album:

The album has a theme that all the songs relate to in one way or another (as opposed to say, BH&R). Exogenesis is absolutely amazing. There's a nice mix of new and familiar sounds. The songs usually flow into the next, which is very nice.


Bad things about the album:

The gap between Cross-Pollination and Redemption should have been shorter. A wee bit more rock guitar would have been nice (as in, another song added, not rock added to say UD).


Best track: Exogenesis (if I had to choose a part of it, then Redemption but it's just absurdly awesome whole).


Worst track: I Belong to You - not because of the French part (I don't speak French at all so I didn't notice the pronunciation). It's a good song, it's just the worst of the album.


Favourite moment: "It's our last chance to forgive ourselves!" (pretty much all of Redemption to be honest).

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it's the sort of album that if you really try hard and analyse the songs and explore how technically good they could be, consider how much time and money was spent on stuff and really want to like it, then you'll like it, if you don't and you just listen to it like a normal person then it's a bit crap :LOL:

hence i've only ever listened to it all the way through 3 times (considering I used to be obsessed with muse)



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Good things: They know how to create songs which affect people's emotions. These songs are incredible live. We are the Universe is the perfect opener, and people instantly forget who "they" is when the towers are unveiled and the stadium is booming. I never liked USoE until I heard it live, which was one of the best moments of the show, and I finally saw how they meant it to sound, along with the visuals which explained the lyrics. Guiding Light sounded great with the drum beat intro, "we aren't droplets in the ocean" sounds way better too. I also really enjoy the experimentation with a 3-part symphony.


Bad Things: Undisclosed Desires. It wasn't just the different sound that I didn't like, but that is part of it. It sounds horrible. Even why I try to enjoy it, the beat just sounds stupid, like a Rihanna B-side or worse. The music video is complete trash, it looks like complete pop, and selling out into some crappy genre, which 5 years ago Matt would have despised.


Best Song: Part 3 Redemption, almost makes me cry, just beautiful. Allowed me to overcome a really bad experience and come back the next year and surpass everyone (I false started in a race and came back the next year and set a state record in it).


Worse song: See Bad Things.


Best Moment: "Lets start over", comes from a long string section and just says it so movingly.

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One of the Best effing album I'd ever get a hold of.

And i have a few favs.


MK Ultra would be the best song off it.

But Unnatural Selection, Resistance, Exogenesis, Undisclosed Desires one of the top too.

then Uprising, I Belong to you, Guiding Light and United States of Eurasia on the slight end.


But still fucking superb.

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4 stars (down from 4 1/2 stars)


Good things about the album: It has great flow (it's amazing how the transition from MK Ultra to IBTY actually works) unlike the last album. Has some great tracks on there, with some interesting experimentation and classical elements.


Bad things about the album: It's a bit all over the place, crossing from one genre to the next. I know I said it has great flow, and I still stand by that, but at the same time, the genres are all over the place, and I wish it was more focussed. Guiding Light is a bit cheesy and uninspired. Resistance starts off great, really atmospherically, but then they're more interested in giving it catchy choruses and the atmosphere fades. The album needs one more heavy song in there somewhere, to give it more energy. There's not enough memorable tracks on this album.


Best track: Overture/Exogenesis, USoE, UD, MK Ultra


Worst track: Resistance, Guiding Light


Favourite moment: First chorus of Uprising, Intro and outro of Resistance, backing vocals in last chorus of UD, "There can only be one" + arabic-sounding section of USoE, falsetto of MK Ultra, when the guitar kicks in on Overture, beginning piano section of CP, and "Get it right..." in Redemption.


Overture: 10

United States of Eurasia: 9.5

MK Ultra: 9

Redemption: 9

Undisclosed Desires: 8

Uprising: 7.5

Cross Pollination: 8.5

I Belong to You: 8

Unnatural Selection: 7.5

Resistance: 5.5

Guiding Light: 5

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4 Stars


I like it, but next time I want to hear much more rock.



Best track: Unnatural Selection, Resistance

Worst track: Uprising and USoE



Favourite moment:

"The nights has reached its end..."

"No religion or mind virus..."

"Now we're falling, we are losing control" at the end of MK Ultra.

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Rating: 3/5 as a Muse album. 4/5 in comparison to everything else.


Good things about the album:

MK Ultra, Unnatural Selecction, Exogenesis and Uprising. Like the return of piano in this album, well in exogenesis anyway. Was something that was severely lacking in BHAR.


Bad things about the album:

The existence of Guiding Light. For an album losely based on 1984, I can't help but feel that the first half of the album is a little too poppy and the tone is not nearly dark enough. Overall the album has too much of a poppy feel and to be honest I don't think its nearly as experimental as people claim it is. The sounds used have already been heard in previous muse album and in other people's albums..... Not naming any specific artists for fear of causing the standard defensive response on here.


Best track:

Unnatural Selection/ Exogenesis


Worst track:

IBTY/ Guiding Light (Terrible terrible songs)


Favourite moment:

The guitar coming in on Overture.

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Uprising - 8/10

Resistance - 9/10

Undisclosed Desires - 7.5/10

United States of Eurasia - 7.5/10

Guiding Light - 6.5/10

Unnatural Selection - 8/10

MK Ultra - 9/10

I Belong To You - 6/10

Overture - 9.5/10

Cross-Pollination - 9/10

Redemption - 9/10

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Song: Score by Muse standards & Score by everybody standards


Uprising: 6 & 8

Resistance: 6 & 6

Undisclosed Desires: 7 & 5

United States of Eurasia: 6 & 6

Guiding Light: -500 & -100

Unnatural Selection: 7 & 7

MK Ultra: 9 & 9

Overture: 9 & 9.5

Cross-Pollination: 8 & 8

Redemption: 7 & 7

Salvation: 1,00000000000000 & 1,000000000000000

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Commercial pop and leeching Twilight to promote themselves :vomit:.....just inexcusable, trying to be celebrities way bigger than they need to be, ''selling out'' I think is what you call it, sure they started it with Abso, but they really trying too hard and taking themselves far too seriously. But of course, this is the truth so that makes it trolling.



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Best Track: MK Ultra

Worst Track: Undisclosed Desires


Best Moment: The start of resistance with the drumming and the keyboard, MK Ultra's bassline.

Worst Moment: The first verse of Guiding Light always makes me cringe but i think the song improves after that


OoS > BH&R > Absolution > The Resistance > Showbiz

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Rating: 5/5 on the strength of Exogenesis alone.


Good things about the album:

Exogenesis, Exogenesis, Exogenesis (the rest is great too but Exogenesis outshines them all). The first time I heard it I was blown away. It was truly transcendant. I can't stop hyperbolizing about this creation. :happy: Maybe it's because I grew up on classical music, and love love love anything that is influenced by it--it's part of the reason I love Muse in general. A lot of their music is infused with classical aspects--but this is the farthest they've taken it and I LOVE IT. I can't think of any other major group that could pull this off and do it so successfully.


Bad things about the album:

More tracks next time, please! ;)


Best track:

Exogenesis Part 3 (barely edges out Part 1, which conversely barely edges out Part 2)


Worst track:

I would agree with the majority that Guiding Light is the weakest track. But I certainly don't hate it. I actually think it's some of Matt's best vocals (which is really saying something, because I think his voice is one of the best in the business).


Favourite moment:

"And we'll be good...this time we'll get it...we'll get it riiii---iiight...it's our last chance...to forgive ourselves..." It still, after about a billion listens, gives me the chills.


EDIT: Novus Dies--I have to add that Exogenesis is anything but commercial pop. ;)

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