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  1. Anybody else expecting a "surprise" Christmas release after this?
  2. Add Assassin The Small Print Butterflies & Hurricanes (Guitar Version) Agitated Unnatural Selection Consider adding Crying Shame Eternally Missed Remove Madness Isolated System Sober
  3. Showbiz Bliss Butterflies & Hurricanes Knights of Cydonia Unnatural Selection Animals Reapers
  4. all that i can find is the live footage and the 2 making of bits (defector/globalist)
  5. i think it bizarrely works, but should be shorter, and part of The Globalist
  6. http://www.musewiki.org/The_Handler_(tablature) Had a go at tabbing this out, I know it's not 100% so could do with any help offered
  7. Knights defo, spaghetti western/sci-fi/kung-fu always wins in my books
  8. Playing along with the 'concept album' concept Dead Inside is like the last embers of dying emotion with the final bit. Psycho, being more of a repetitive dirge to represent being remade by the evil drill sgt. Mercy being almost a relapse back to emotion - i think it's out of place 3rd on the album tbh. Reapers is then the horrors of what the evil drone master is making him do or some shit like that
  9. No problems mate. I think you may need to contact an admin http://www.musewiki.org/Special:UserLogin/signup
  10. song's grown on me a lot over the past few days, i now rate it as great. (my scale being: un-listenable, bad, meh, ok, good, great, amazing, knights of cydonia. obviously...)
  11. Thanks guys, that's edited in now. (go team) I put all your usernames as credit in there too
  12. I'll have to edit this in in the morning such a bugger to work out the exact things he plays, simple 4 chord bit my arse
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