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How would you rate The Resistance?  

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It’s the most boring Muse album


In fact it might be the only boring Muse album


I think it suffers a lot in that regard from the production and being 'over polished'.


Uprising, UD, USoE, MK ULTRA and Unnatural Selection especially are all so much better in their live iterations imo - especially the latter two.


Still find Drones as a whole to be more boring though.

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Seeing this thread pumped inspired me to listen to TR all the way through (probably the first time in years) a few times. I think it suffered in its time as being the album after BHAR and therefore inevitably a disappointment, considering how much I liked Abso and BHAR. But listening to it now, it's a good album and lot more coherent and tasteful than T2L and Drones; however it doesn't feature any of my favourite Muse songs, not including Exogenenis which I tend to view as a seperate entity rather than just a song, if that makes any sense.


Unnatural selection is a bit frustrating as I love the middle section - it's the sexiest rock thing they've ever done- but the rest of the song is just okay. I think for years I listened to a fan edit of IBTY with the French part edited out rather than the real version- I think I still prefer it as a straightforward pop song. I must dig up that file somewhere.


Basically after the big three: ST> TR> Showbiz> Drones>T2L.

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5 stars.


Good things about the album: Literally all of the songs. The fact that Muse weren't afraid to step into this genre/theme.


Bad things about the album: Nothing bad about it really. Though if I had to pick something as a matter of life-or-death, it kind of lacks that classical Muse feel like the first four albums had - Subjectively could be a good thing too.


Best track: Resistance, Guiding Light, or MK Ultra.


Worst track: Exogenesis (Collectively. In my humble opinion, it's really quite boring for 15 minutes and doesn't strike me as interesting at all. Though I do not at all deny the fact that it is still a masterpiece, the band must've had a lot of dedication and determination to make these three tracks.)


Favourite moment: "Love is our resistance...", "It's time to run...", "You were my guiding light", "Now we're falling, we are losing control", "I travelled half the world to say, I belong to you", "Let's push it beyond a peaceful protest".

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