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MK Ultra. Yay or nay?  

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  1. 1. MK Ultra. Yay or nay?

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    • It's ok
    • It's not ok
    • WTF is this s*it???

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nice to see some people here still have some sanity. MK ultra is simply one of the best things muse has ever done (imo blah blah blah) idiots all over muselive are slating it, i honestly don't know why. (yayaya they arent really idiots, they have their own opinions andzzzzzzz)


They are idiots, thats a valid statement. Muselive are the 'alternative' muse fans, you know, the ones who don't want to come onto the official board.


Even though some might not agree, this has got single written all over it IMO.


The video for this will be immense! :awesome:


It would make a good single. I'm not sure it will be though. The next two singles are pretty much set in stone.

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