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  1. I miss the keytar intro too. And Helsinki Jam before it. But yeah, as a song by itself it's very underwhelming live. Not even electronic enough to dance to. It just kind of...is. I'm crossing my fingers it gets dropped on the next tour. On topic: For me, the most prominent example of a song I'll always defend is probably Starlight. And most of the Showbiz songs deserve much more love.
  2. Maybe we should all calm down and remember that Butch Vig produced Neutron Star Collision. So much for the relation between the producer's reputation and the finished product...
  3. Honestly I'm just glad they're working with a producer again, that hopefully means the record won't be all over the place like TR and T2L. But did it have to be this guy? *sigh*
  4. The CD seems to have a pretty shitty audio mix. Can barely hear the drums most of the time.
  5. I'm here with a paranoid question waaay in advance For anyone who’s been to the place before: I’m used to venues not allowing professional cameras, but I happened to read on the website that all cameras are forbidden…?! But it must be possible to get them in and use them anyway, because there are many amateur videos of the place on YouTube, so do you just have to be very sneaky or what…? (Also, that would mean a LOT of confiscating, since as you know practically everyone has a camera phone these days ^^)
  6. I think they played a swing-esque version of SOAD's Chop Suey right after Muse in Hamburg.
  7. Great to hear about the lower seats. It's my preferred area and I hope I'll be able to get there. I'm a bit confused because my ticket just says "18:00 Uhr", is that the doors time or when it starts (or do we simply not know yet)?
  8. Really? I got the impression people cheered the most at stuff like Madness and SMBH (which made me , to be honest. Nothing against these songs, but it makes people come across as more "casual" fans who prefer the well-known singles.)
  9. Great gig last night. Really happy I got to hear Sunburn and Stockholm Syndrome.
  10. Sucks that you can't choose where you want to sit... so I have to be early :'( (yes, that's a problem for me )
  11. Lol at Madness being a rock song.
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