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  1. I honestly feel that if Dead Inside and Aftermath weren't on the album, this would be their best album since Origin of Symmetry. It took a couple of listens for me to get into Revolt, but I enjoy the 80's classic pop rock sound to it. I also feel like Drones follows The Globalist so well and that I often just think of them as one 13 minute long track. Dead Inside sounds too much like their sound on The 2nd Law, which I despise, and Aftermath sounds decent for most of the song until you hear the chorus again in it's over-the-top church-like glory. Drones is collectively as good as Showbiz and The Resistance, but has as many consecutively good tracks as Absolution. 3.7/5 Highlights: Reapers - The Handler - Defector
  2. Literally only able to get 3/4 (just before the second chorus, last 1:35) through this song before it just starts to remind of some christian revival choir song. Edit: now that I think about it, my Mom will probably love this song.
  3. For some reason, I thought I'd like this song at the beginning, but that chorus throws me off every time. Just sounds like some sort of choir song. Not at all what I like.
  4. This. Mercy also appropriate levels too. I like it when Muse show their love for Queen this way as compared to I've Got To Break Free of Madness . Some people don't even realize that one of the most obvious Queen-influenced songs by Muse, is also one of their heaviest: Assassin. That vocal track.
  5. Awww man. This song. Just. Too good. Just. Too gooood. Fanboying so hard right now.
  6. I've been getting Abso-vibes since the first bit of music from the new album. It's what I hope most for. Absolution/BlackHoles would be such a nice relief. (currently listening to Assassin)
  7. Maaaaaan, I wish they released this as the first single and only song before the album release. Definitely becoming one of my more liked Muse post-BHaR songs. I can see this being their second single though, which would make me pretty darn happy.
  8. Despite me not liking the song, it's been playing in my head all day and night. It has made me like Undisclosed Desires a lot more than before.
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