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Muse on Radio 1 live lounge in September


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So, i was at the Livelounge recording....


We were allowed to go into the interview before they performed, and Matt put us on the guestlist for the Camden show (still can't believe this happened). Felt a bit mean as we only had to stroll up to the door at 7pm and we could get to the barrier. Anyway.


Performance was an insane experience. Before we entered the studio we all had to put on fancy dress gear (under Muse's instruction) and there were inflatable guitars and confetti everywhere! Then we got to take pictures afterwards.


Pretty amazing Friday!


Group winner pic and Meet and Greet pic under cut






Aw, your day sounded amazing! The guys were so good to you too, worth all the stress of the competition 😊 Nice photos too.

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I actually don't mind it that much, compared to something like Uprising or TIRO, so maybe saying I want it dropped completely was a bit of an exaggeration. I can't stand it still being used almost exclusively as a closer after all these years though.


I'm starting to think they've played MWAH so much that they believe it's actually part of the original song.

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