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Muse on Radio 1 live lounge in September


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Flipping Psycho? Your bum belongs to me now?


Curious to see what cover if any.




Can't really do it with the drill sergeant either (which might actually make it a better song, but that is besides the point)


As for covers, who knows!


I would assume the delay is in case someone swears when they aren't supposed to.

Doesn't make sense to go into it knowing the band is playing a song with like 20 swears in it. More like for when Matt crams a superfluous "fuck" into Madness.


Prolly see them do an oldie or two instead.


Would be good- but an oldie or two will probably end up being Madness and Starlight :p

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Well, they did Madness and Starlight last time.... so yeah, probably Madness and Starlight. :p


Madness was a fairly fresh single at the time though tbf, so they were still promoting it. Doubt it'll get played this time unless they feel the need to have a T2L single in there.

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