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  1. Such an awesome set list! So glad I got to see it, didn't think I'd get to hear Take a Bow again live The Handler is my new favourite though - hope it stays part of the set list for a while... Loved the gig, one of my favourites for a long time. Great crowd, great atmosphere. Its been a couple of years since I last saw them live and this night just reminded me of why I love this band so much
  2. Oh, is it...? Missed that. Oops
  3. http://drones.muse.mu/ This a new treasure hunt? Says to go to location to find hidden prize. Anyone tried looking yet? Curious to know what you get...
  4. Muse will perform a Live Lounge special at Maida Vale for BBC Radio 1 on 11 September http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/34050563/muse-and-florence-and-the-machine-set-for-radio-1s-live-lounge-month
  5. I was really lucky to be standing and be in a fantastic section of crowd who were all jumping around like looneys like me.. I agree the sound was not great, which was a shame. So so sooooo good to hear dead star. Some compensation for missing out on stockholm syndorme which is my own favourite.. For me the best gigs I have ever seen will be the two at wembley, but this was still pretty fantastic. I loved the set, the flaming chimneys, the visuals, and of course the robot. I have yet to leave a muse gig feeling disappointed!
  6. wooo! Got my tickets! Will admit I wasn't sure whether I was going to go. Only saw them about 3 weeks ago.. and a bit short of money... but it only took a little twist of the arm to persuade me..! and now all excited. Another stadium gig. can't wait!
  7. I had a fab time too. It was my first time in the LG arena. Great venue! I'm not a big fan of the 2nd Law, but I love how this band can take a mediocre album (imo) and turn it into a whole new experience live Visuals, lasers, sound, all awesome as usual Over too soon, as usual..! So so so happy that they played stockholm syndrome, I couldn't imagine a gig without it
  8. TIRO was what made me buy Absolution, but really the first special song was Apocalypse Please. Can still remember the first time I put the album on and hearing that song coming out at me. I just sat there thinking - 'what have I got here?'
  9. Wow. Just read this thread from beginning to end, it took me about an hour, and it was absolutely brilliant... You're a star! Can't wait to see the next one
  10. Aaarrgghh! Its too hard to pick one. Citizen Erased is my favourite now, its only in the last couple of months that I've really begun to appreciate it I also love: Space dementia, microcuts, bliss, megalomania, hysteria, stockholm syndrome, butterlies and hurricanes, city of delusion, knights of cydonia..
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