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  1. Lovely, thanks. Sure i looked there and simply missed the info at the top. Early doors for a Sunday, then!
  2. Anyone from last night who can post stage times?
  3. Thanks - that's the one I needed. Even that wasn't working properly until I tried using the presale link ( they clearly sent me the wrong one) took me about 20 mind but got there in the end - what a malarkey... Not to mention the prices! Wonder how these shows will sell?
  4. What's the link to the fan presale? I've got my code, but it didn't come with the URL, and the one earlier in the thread seems to do nothing. Doesn't help that I'm on holiday on just my phone, of course...
  5. Ugh - we were on level 9 of the car park 😐 After last year's experience getting out, we'd decided that we'd head into Westfield and eat after the show, rather than wait in the car. In the end, a prompt exit from the GA seating at the end of Knights and a dash across the bridge got us up to our floor before anyone else seemed to have left, so we gave it a go. We made it down to the barriers before the traffic came to a near standstill. It was clear that it was all the pedestrian management that was causing gridlock - but were out in 5 mins. 5 mins later back to the car and we'd have been 2 hours in there. Felt a bit too smug being back home before midnight.... But yes, a more hideous venue and logistics is hard to imagine. Such a shame - it did look dead over there. GA seating was great - everyone on their feet from the start, and decent engagement. Worst too for you was that there was no rush for tickets in the end - you could even have picked up the £30 GA Twickets tickets last week. Like a lot of gigs, though, I enjoyed it a lot - but the memories mature and improve afterwards. And, interestingly, a 5* review from the Guardian And here's a handful of pics from me:
  6. Enjoyed tonight quite a lot more than I thought I would. I'm no setlist snob, and was quite happy with what we had. The Drones shows did indeed set the bar high, and this one didn't beat that - not least as it was a vast stadium show. But plenty of bells and whistles to keep us all amused. Started off the day wondering if it might be my final "must go" Muse show, but ended the night looking forward to next time! There's clearly life in the old dog yet...
  7. Presumably, early people will queue at the bridges - it'll be pretty obvious. And yes, for most people, it's the walk from Stratford - which doesn't really feel that long when you do it. It's the walk out that's worse, as they tend to send you the long way round - I think it's become more controlled than ever since West Ham moved in. Of course, the other option is to drive - but it can take an age to get out of the car parks.
  8. Ah, not being a sportball fan, I hadn't realised about the clash. Doesn't bother me, but I do wonder how empty the place will be - still not sold out and lots of people wanting to be somewhere else... Crikey - a quick look at Twickets, which has 390 tickets advertised for Saturday, with a total asking price of over £22,000. Would happily have paid £30, rather than the £90 or so I paid for my tickets! People asking about GA tickets - they're standing and L1 unreserved seating, so you get to stand/sit where you like - I like this arrangement. If you're not bothered about getting too close to the barrier, you can sit for support, and then head onto the pitch for the headliners - the best kind of tickets! What's it like as a venue? It was brilliant for the Olympics. I thought it was pretty ropey for the Stones last year, but I had fairly rubbish seats - hopefully it's better nearer the bottom. Getting out after the Stones was painful. I remember it being less controlled, and much quicker/easier at the Olympics - I could make it to the train in 20 mins from the stadium back then. On timings, the stadium website has this - not fantastically helpful, mind: 10:30am: Ticket office opens 4.00pm: Stadium Island opens 5.00pm: Stadium doors open 5.00pm: Hospitality food & beverage packages begin 6:00pm: Show starts 10.30pm: Event curfew 11.30 pm: Hospitality areas close
  9. You should be emailed. I had this from Ticketmaster last month: "We know you’re eager to have them in your hands, so we’re working hard to have this completed as soon as possible – we’ll email you again once they’re ready." Mind you, unbelievable how poor ticket sales have been. The public clearly don't see them as the Muse of old...
  10. Plenty of tickets still available. Price & new material, in my view. The two together made me wonder if this might be the first tour I'd miss out on, but of course I bit in the end. All stadia gigs are rubbish really - any joy from the event is quickly sucked out in the interminable trudge out. It was grim after The Stones last summer, defo.
  11. Au contraire - check out the purple. I believe it's just the orange that are £109.
  12. No, but you could have bought from 10:00 today...
  13. GA Pitch standing / unreserved L1 seating - £82.50 Reserved seats Lower tier - £108.90 Box seats - £108.90 Middle tier - £108.90 Upper tier - £108.90, £82.50, £54.45, £38.50 Option to add a "Collector Ticket" for £5.95 FFS!!!
  14. To the first question - yes. You can freely move between the pitch standing area and the unreserved lower level seats. Have used that before - works very well.
  15. Surely, that was just a local rule for that show? For the Stones last year, it was something like £90 regular standing, £250 golden circle - an extra tenner would have felt like a bargain. The floorplan at TM looks like it's just one standing section for 1 Jun.
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