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When will we have a concert with a full orchestra and choir?


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I know this has been talked about, but it makes more sense than ever before.


Well, now we have choir in some songs, we have brass, we have violins and their friends, classical piano pieces, and they just performed for the first time the 3rd part of exogenesis.

And there are plenty of songs to create a setlist like this. For example:


1 - Supremacy

2 - Panic Station

3 - Survival

4 - Unsustainable

5 - Isolated system

6 - United states of eurasia

7 - MK ultra

8 - I belong to you

9 - Exogenesis 1

10 - Exogenesis 2

11 - Exogenesis 3

12 - Hoodoo

13 - Knights of Cydonia

14 - Blackout

15 - Butterflies and Hurricanes


Plus some songs could be re-arranged to work out like this, for example:


16 - Sunburn

17 - New born

18 - Megalomania

19 - Ruled by secrecy

20 - City of delusion

21 - Sing for Absolution


Let's face it, we all know nothing like this would ever happen (at least so "drastically"), but who knows if we will still have like a 5 songs set with the whole thing, consisting of the 3 part symphony and maybe the 2 part of dubstepy orchestra work of the second law.


What do you think?


Big cheers

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I'm not expecting that they will bring an orchestra on tour. Only at special occassions they might have something like that. Like the choir at the olympics closing ceremony. Which shows, by the way, that bringing a choir doesn't directly translate into a good performance.

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Have you got the money to lug a whole orchestra around? even before they go on stage the musicians have to learn the pieces. this wouldn't be cheap to have half decent musicians perform several shows.


So in short, you probably might see a quartet in future with a brass section, nothing more. we already have the orchestral backing tracks to alot of the songs anyhow, im not sure what benefit there would be to having real people perform. Muse want to keep the concert costs down as well so you have to factor that in too.

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If they are ever going to do it, it will be one show only, smth like the OOS birthday. And probably not the full set with orchestra, but I think one half of a setlist wouldn't be too much.


[1. Unsustainable

then some other orchestral song

some non-orchestral songs, closing main set with Knights (orchestral)


Exo 1


Exo 2


Exo 3


Closing with Survival (orchestral)]

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It would, but I guess they'd never play exo 1-3 in this order. They would fear that it'd be "boring" or anything


That won't be the problem. after all they thought it was alright to play Intro + Undisclosed Desires, Intro + Resistance and Starlight all in row last tour.

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