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  1. I think Matt came up with the idea for Charles the Robot (including the name) on Twitter. It appeared to be just a random idea, which actually became reality. At least, that's what I remember
  2. Tuesday I had no trouble logging in, but today I didn't manage to do it in Firefox. Got there after a few tries in Chrome, but I like to be able to use Firefox
  3. I'm usually very much a lurker. But I'll step out of the shadows for once to say hi. Happy to see the board back up! I've started visiting /r/muse in the absence of the board, which was nicer than I expected, but I missed this place
  4. The previous stadium shows had 2 support acts. Amsterdam ArenA had Bastille and Biffy Clyro, and Goffertpark had Editors and Ghinzu. So I'm expecting that to be the case this time as well
  5. I did get the e-mail in the end. Took quite a bit longer than expected
  6. I tried resetting my password, but I'm not getting the "email with instructions". Are there more people with this problem?
  7. Muse komt op loopafstand van mijn huis! In het Goffertpark zijn alleen maar staanplaatsen. Maar er zal echt wel een wat rusiger plekje te vinden zijn. Het ligt er denk ik ook aan hoe ver je vooraan wilt staan. Verder naar achter zal het beter zijn, maar ja, dan sta je wel verder naar achter
  8. If you have Google Cardboard it's really nice. It turns your phone into a VR-headset. It was really cool when Chris was suddenly standing a few centimeters behind me. A problem with the video is, however, that it doesn't direct your attention, so you don't know which way you should look.
  9. H4N5

    Q Awards

    How often does it happen that a lyric video is nominated for an award?
  10. Go to the tour dates section of the site and find the gig. There will be a 'buy tickets' button. At least, that's where I found it
  11. If you are able to log in on muse.mu at the time of the presale, that should be ok. However, there may be issues with the site (for example being overloaded because everyone wants to access the presale code at the same time) so you won't be able to log in and reach the member section. Therefore they advise to get your presale code beforehand.
  12. If the 'proper' video is released this week, wat will happen with the lyric video they supposedly also created? I must admit that I was more looking forward to seeing the lyric video series expanded than to an actual video
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