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  • Birthday 03/31/1989

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    Southampton (UK)
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    Sales Assistant
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  • Favourite Bands
    Green Day
    Linkin Park
    Black Sabbath
    Band of Skulls
    Royal Blood
  • Favourite Films
    Anything really
  • Favourite TV Shows
    Big Bang Theory
  • Favourite Books
    emmmmmmmmmmm. I only own 1 book.
    The Story of Muse.
  • Muse Releases Owned
    All of them.
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    13/08/2008 Marlay Park, Dublin
    05/09/2009 The Den, Teignmouth
    12/11/2009 The o2 Arena, London
    10/09/2010 Wembley Stadium, London
    11/09/2010 Wembley Stadium, London
    28/08/2011 Reading Festival, Reading
    26/10/2012 The o2 Arena, London
    27/10/2012 The o2 Arena, London
    26/05/2013 Emirates Stadium, London
    06/07/2013 Stadio Olimpico, Rome
    09/07/2015 NOS Alive Festival, Lisbon
    14/04/2016 The o2 Arena, London
    15/04/2016 The o2 Arena, London
    15/05/2016 Mediolanum Forum, Milan
    28/06/2016 Eiffel Tower, Paris
    18/07/2016 Festival De Nimes (Nimes Arena), Nimes
    19/08/2017 Shepherd's Bush Empire, London
    23/08/2017 Belfast Vital Festival, Belfast
    15/09/2017 Shoreline Ampitheatre, San Francisco
    03/12/2018 Royal Albert Hall, London
    01/06/2019 London Stadium, London
    20/07/2019, Stadio Olimpico, Rome
    15/09/2019, The o2 Arena, London

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  1. Showbiz Sunburn x2 Muscle Museum Falling Down Cave Showbiz x2 Unintended x3 OOS New Born x7 (+4x Medley Version) Bliss x7 Space Dementia x2 Hyper Music Plug In Baby x21 Citizen Erased x3 Micro Cuts Screenager Darkshines Feeling Good x9 Megalomania Absolution Apocalypse Please x2 Time Is Running Out x22 Sing For Absolution Stockholm Syndrome x12 (+4x medley version) Interlude x17 Hysteria x18 Blackout x2 Butterflies & Hurricanes x5 Ruled By Secrecy BH&R Take A Bow x9 Starlight x22 Supermassive Black Hole x22 Map of the Problematique x9 Soldiers Poem Invincible Assassin x4 (+4 medley version) Knights of Cydonia x23 Resistance Uprising x21 Resistance x12 Undisclosed Desires x11 United States of Eurasia x4 Guiding Light x5 Unnatural Selection x4 MK Ultra I Belong To You Exogenesis Part 1 x3 The 2nd Law Supremacy x6 Madness x15 Panic Station x4 Prelude x7 Survival x4 Follow Me x4 Animals x4 Explorers x3 Save Me Liquid State x3 Unsustainable x8 Isolated System x12 Drones Dead Inside x8 Drill Sergeant x9 Psycho x12 Mercy x11 Reapers x4 (+4x Medley Version) The Handler x6 (+4x Medley Version) JFK x4 Revolt The Globalist x5 Drones x5 (8 if you include twice at each arena gig) Simulation Theory Algorithm x4 The Dark Side x4 Pressure x4 Propaganda x3 Break It To Me x4 Thought Contagion x4 Dig Down x2 The Void x1 Algorithm AR Verison x3 Dig Down Gospel Version x3 Others Yes Please Dead Star x2 (+1x Medley Version) Futurism Fury Glorious Easily Neutron Star Collision New Kind of Kick Pray x3
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