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  1. I can see them playing Asia in September and Australia in late September/October.
  2. So from fans that met Muse this week, they've said no 2nd leg of the US tour in 2016, the current gigs are it. And Asia in July, Australia in August/September.
  3. Well at the very least, we will get some decent rotation on the tour which will hopefully bring out a few rarities. The have to rotate the setlist at the venues with 6 nights haha!
  4. The tour goes in June. I can't see them coming back to the UK/Europe for stadiums in the same year. They wouldb't do stadiums later than September and that seems way too short of a turnaround from the arenas.
  5. Hey, I saw your comment on the Reading broadcast thread about watching it on iplayer? Is that just a download and if so do you have a link?

  6. From Brisbane, Australia to Manchester. So about 10 000 miles I think
  7. I just had to comment that the shirt the Matt is wearing in your picture there is exactly like a shirt Nic Cester wears quite a lot... if that picture was taken at the Big Day Out or something, then Matt had to have been borrowing it haha!

  8. Sorry for the late reply.

    Uploaded a picture of the setlist in my albums if you are keen for a look. I actually got this on the night of the gig as when I asked the guy in the sound desk if he had any setlists left, he said that this was all he had, but I was still pretty happy haha.

    Recently I got it signed by the boys when I met them in Australia but I'm currently trying to get it framed.

    Hope this is what you wanted to see.


  9. Please upload a picture of the LCCC soundcheck setlist!!! Please!!! You're the only person i've heard mention they have one. DO u have one for the night?


  10. Oh good work!

    Yeah I know some of the boardies who met them too! They said it was really awesome.

    Happy for you that you got to meet them and congrats again!

  11. Hey man thanks for the reply! Haha as it turns out, I MET THEM TODAY yayayay but i didn't get an opportunity to even check your reply until now! :p


    It was awesome, this will sound ridiculous but it I got there at 9am, and waited all day until finally at about 4:40pm I was near the arrivals gate and all of a sudden Chris appeared in front of me and i was like "holy shit they're here!!!" hahaha. they signed stuff and stopped for some quick photos which was great. I was with a few other boardies who I met (unintended.... lol lame pun) this morning which made it all the more bearable and fun experience! Again thatnks for offering ur help and congrats on wen u saw them :)

  12. Its all good, happy to help.

    Ok well I just worked out that they'd be coming from US and there was only one flight a day from there so decided to try Friday and it worked out.


    Now going to Sydney, my friend talked to Tom Kirk at the gig on Sunday and he said that they are flying out from Brisbane sometime Tuesday afternoon (today) and I know that they always fly Qantas within Australia.

    Its harder to catch them at domestic airports as there is so many flights coming in but if you go this afternoon, they probably should be in sometime from 2pm-7pm I'd guess.


    And if you do meet them, don't be shy. Just walk up to them and say hi, they don't usually mind and are happy for photos and singings stuff.

    Hope it all works out :)

  13. Yo sorry if this sounds mega creepy, but I've been doing a bit of researching round the boards trying to find out how to best plan to meet/intercept/stalk Muse at Sydney airport when they arrive from Brisbane (i'm guessing on the 7th Dec), and I saw in the Brisbane thread that you and some other musers met them. Firstly congrats! And secondly, could you please help me out with a few Q's on how best to catch them? Masterball is best yeah? Lol jks, but like, what time flight did they get arriving into Brisbane, it was Qantas right, and any other tips for airport encounters with Muse?


    I know this is hectic late for me to ask haha, but it only just occured to me that tomorrow (well a few hours actually) is my only chance pretty much at meeting them for potentially years when they next come out... hopefully you get this message soonish and can help me :) if not don't worry, and enjoy ur post-muse-meeting and post mega awesome Brisbane second show syndrome set :D

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