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  1. Well at the very least, we will get some decent rotation on the tour which will hopefully bring out a few rarities. The have to rotate the setlist at the venues with 6 nights haha!
  2. The tour goes in June. I can't see them coming back to the UK/Europe for stadiums in the same year. They wouldb't do stadiums later than September and that seems way too short of a turnaround from the arenas.
  3. What I think and kinda hope they will play for arenas: Psycho Supermassive Black Hole New Born Dead Inside Hysteria Hyper Music Mercy The Globalist Apocalypse Please Aftermath Uprising Time is Running Out Defector Plug in Baby Animals Dead Star Reapers Stockholm Syndrome The Handler Knights of Cydonia
  4. So Dom wanted to play The Handler but management won't let them play it...
  5. Festivals setlist Psycho Plug in Baby Supermassive Black Hole Dead Star *New Drones Song* Hysteria Citizen Erased Sunburn Dead Inside Uprising Time is Running Out *New Drones Song* Starlight Stockholm Syndrome Unnatural Selection Knights of Cydonia Plug in Baby Reapers
  6. Muse ’s new album Drones is due for release on June 9 – but why wait to review the music when the song titles reveal so much? Words by JODY MACGREGOR Muse followed an album of orchestra prog (including a three-part symphony climax) with an album that dabbled in wubs, and neither was particularly well-received. Certainly not compared to Black Holes & Revelations, which even managed to make people who had previously written them off as a Radiohead B-side covers band pay attention (hello, yes I’m an idiot and Absolution was good as well). So anyway it’s time for them to be going back to the Well of Rock for their next album Drones. Back to basics, back to the things their fans like. But they’re still Muse, so while it’s going to be guitar-drums-bass rock it will be guitar-drums-bass rock at its most overblown and pompous, which is exactly as it should be. I’d want nothing less. If it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it.* ‘Dead Inside’ The first song on an album is a statement of intent, so ‘Dead Inside’ will probably be the one that is very loud and makes you say “oh wow, this is REAL rock music” like the band are coming to you with their hats in their hands and apologising for dabbling in electronics and have instead returned to what rock & roll music is about in the 21st century, which is tradition and staid formalism and taking your desire to experiment out back and quietly killing it. ‘[Drill Sergeant]’ The name is in brackets so it’s going to be a skit or interlude because everyone loves those. Somebody watched Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket and then put together a ‘radio drama’ where a sergeant shouts at a brainwashed soldier because the main job sergeants have in any hierarchy is shouting. ‘Psycho’ We’ve already heard this one because it’s the single. Making a lyric video for a Muse song is a terrible idea because while Matt Bellamy’s lyrics are fine for the way he sings them – torn up into bite-sized wails, their meanings easily forgotten by the time he gets around to drawing out the next one – once you actually see them written down it becomes harder to ignore the fact they’re total nonsense. Total nonsense is fine for rock lyrics, of course, but maybe don’t go drawing attention to it? ‘Mercy’ This is probably the one that turned into a love song halfway through writing but obviously started out being about politics and now is sitting slightly awkwardly somewhere between the two. It’s about how love is forbidden in a dystopian future and therefore a revolutionary act, yeah? Like in that one book. ‘Reapers’ Gotta be at least one song about aliens from Zeta Reticuli and how the government is in league with them. Maybe this will be the one that sounds a bit like the Doctor Who theme music again. ‘The Handler’ Probs not a song about comedian and actor Chelsea Handler, hey. Nah, ‘The Handler’ will be a metaphor for television and how it looks after us from childhood and is a form of mind control. It will have a really good riff in it. ‘[JFK]’ Oh cool, another interlude. Who do you reckon Matt Bellamy believes assassinated JFK? Aliens or Magneto? Somebody watched Oliver Stone’s JFK and then put together a scene that will make you question everything you think you know about how convoluted conspiracy theories can get. ‘Defector’ This one is about prescription drugs and how they’re a form of mind control. It will have a really good solo in it. ‘Revolt’ This one is about religion and how it is a form of mind control. It will have a really good chorus you can sing along to. ‘Aftermath’ They haven’t done one of those “time to get your lighters in the air” songs like ‘Soldier’s Poem’ in a while. Time for another. It’s about the internet and how it is a form of mind control. It will have a really good thrash-y bit you can headbang to. ‘The Globalist’ There’s gotta be one song where they put some Middle Eastern bits in, somebody plays a buzuk. Also one with lots of harmonies where they all sing together like Oompa-Loompas who are way into Queen. ‘Drones’ Bellamy explained the concept behind this song, and perhaps the entire album, by saying, “The world is run by Drones utilizing Drones to turn us all into Drones.” As the last track on the album this will the Muse song where you listen to it and realise they will never write anything as good as ‘Knights Of Cydonia’ again and feel a bit sad. Drones is due for release on June 9 through Warner http://www.fasterlouder.com.au/features/42216/Trial-by-tracklist-Muse-Drones
  7. UK Club Tour Dead Inside Hysteria Supermassive Black Hole Psycho Supremacy Resistance Reapers Citizen Erased Space Dementia Revolt Time is Running Out Dead Star Uprising The Handler Liquid State MK Ultra Knights of Cydonia Drones Plug in Baby Stockholm Sydrome
  8. I'm guessing: Summer 2015 - Euro Festivals Autumn 2015 - USA Arena tour - Leg 1 Winter 2015/early 2016 - Euro Arena Tour Spring 2016 - USA Arena tour - Leg 2 Summer 2016 - Euro Stadium Tour + Asian Festivals Autumn 2016 - Australian Tour Autumn/Winter 2016 - South American festivals
  9. Why does everyone think they'll only play 3 new songs? You'd think there will be a minimum of 5-6 new songs. And if the new album is as heavy as predicted, they will probably play the majority of it as to appeal to the festival fans at Download and such. Also, Muse aren't going to suddenly play lots of back catalogue heavy songs just because they are heavy. Metal/heavy rock festival fans will still know and want to hear the more radio-friendly songs rather than a load of random heavy songs they don't know. They might play 1 or 2 maybe of songs like Dead Star, Fury, Showbiz, Muscle Museum, Unnatural Selection, Assassin. An Example Realistic Setlist New Song Supremacy Uprising New Song Map of the Problematique Supermassive Black Hole New Song Hysteria Resistance New Song Muscle Museum Time is Running Out Starlight New Song Plug in Baby Unnatural Selection Knights of Cydonia Stockholm Syndrome New Song
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