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  1. Guiding Light... hard to beat! Only a few share that lovely last place: 1 - Something Human 2- Revolt 3 - Aftermath 4- Big Freeze Painful even to write those names
  2. It´s the only show in Germany, so I actually didnt udnerstand how people thought it wouldnt get sold out soon. To me the surprise was most people thinking that Let´s face the facts: show is on a saturday - so people will come from all around Cologne... Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, at least...
  3. After listening to the album for several times in the past weeks (to a point where it drove my wife insane) I can finally do a "final" judgement of Simulation Theory. In terms of Muse albums´ ranking, Simulation Theory finds itself in 5th: 1- Origin of Symmetry - 10/10 2- Showbiz – 10/10 3- Absolution – 10/10 4- Black Holes and Revelations – 9/10 5- Simulation Theory – 8/10 6- The Resistance - 7/10 7- Drones – 6/10 8- The 2nd Law – 6/10 Now , in terms of songs, my ranking is as follows: 1- Algorithm / Algorithm AR Version – 10/10 2- The Dark Side - 9/10 3- The Void – 9/10 4- Break it to me – 8/10 5- Blockades – 8/10 6- Propaganda – 8/10 7- Dig Down Gospel Version - 7.5/10 8- The Dark Side AR Version – 7/10 9- Pressure - 6.5/10 10- Thought Contagion - 6/10 11- Something Human Acoustic – 6/10 12- Dig Down – 4/10 13- Propaganda Acoustic 4/10 14- Get up and Fight – 3/10 15- Something Human – 1/10 Since the album turned out to be so much better than I thought, I decided to give it a go again at a Muse concert - it´s been a while! - even though the prices for the tickets are a bit over the top be fair. Hope that pays off with 2 big openers, a nicer setlist (hoping for older songs due to the Origin of Muse collection coming out next year) and a pompous Muse style live show.
  4. PS: there´s already people selling tickets for double the price in the standing area in Eventim.. Insane... I hate this, when people just buy tickets for profit... there really should be something that could be done in the future (also with Eventim or Ticketmaster) like adding your name and ID to them, but well..
  5. I already received my ticket on Tuesday per Post. It seems the venue is almost sold out from what I could gather. Maybe 500/1000 sitting tickets left
  6. I´m ready to rate the album (first impressions): Algorithm - 9/10 - 2nd best song of the album... after Algorithm Alternate Reality Version The Dark Side - 9/10 - Great Vibe, and the perfect song to follow Algorithm Pressure - 7/10 - If it wasnt for that Chorus (that I still dont really like...) it would be a top song Propaganda - 8/10 - my new guilty pleasure... Break It To Me - 6/10 - Still unsure about this one, sounds a lot like The Voidz Something Human - 2/10 - Worse song on the album, really can´t listen to it. Thought Contagion - 6/10 - Average. Plus I can only hear "F*cking Satan" instead of Thought Contagion Get Up and Fight - 6/10 - Average , but need to listen better. Blockades - 7/10 - Muse covering Muse Dig Down - 6/10 - Okayish - but the Gospel version works better for me. The Void - 9/10 - This is a great one. If someone say it´s not... "They´re wrong" __ Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version) - 10/10 - Best song in the last 5 Years of Muse The Dark Side (Alternate Reality Version) - 9/10 - Quite cool this version as well Pressure (ft. UCLA Bruin Marching Band) - 5/10 - Pointless Propaganda (Acoustic) - 8/10 - As good as the original Break It To Me (Sam de Jong Remix) - 3/10 - Pointless Something Human (Acoustic) - 6/10 - Much much much better than the original. This one I can listen to. Thought Contagion (Live) - 5/10 - Meh Dig Down (Acoustic Gospel Version) - 7/10 - Quite cool The Void (Acoustic) - 9/10 - As good as the original The Dark Side (Alternate Reality Instrumental) - 9/10 - Just great __ Album (so far) 7/10. Better than Drones for sure.
  7. So far I am, in a general way, disappointed with the songs that Muse has put out so far. Sadly that does not surprise me. Thought Contagion has its moments, but lacks in structure. I mean Matt can barely sing it without eating half of the words in the verses. On top of that the song just repeats itself over and over again (a common problem for all the songs actually...) 5/10 Something Human is probably the muse song I dislike the most in all their repertoire until now. That Ed Sheeran beat just does it for me. I never thought Guiding Light would leave the last place on my ranking... but it did. 1/10 Pressure - a good song gone to waste. I actually like 50% of that song quite a lot. But that chorus (and especially it being repeated without a reason once more at the end just kills it for me). 6/10 Dig Down is actually a song that I didnt like at first at all. The Jools performance though changed my mind more than I expected. So I am hoping the alternative version on the album is just like that and I will actually "dig it". 3/10 (Original) 7.5/10 (Alternative) The Dark Side is by far the best of the 5 ones out. Most likely the best in the whole album. The only thing I would add to make it reach an even higher level would be a better riff before the last chorus. 8.5/10 But well we still have 6 songs to judge. I am actually looking forward for the Propaganda one after those 20 seconds, could be deceiving though
  8. Finally Muse put out a proper song once more! Great one! Was about time... Two remarks though: The beginning sounds a lot like "Lies" from Chvrches and.. I can´t stop hearing "I want to break free", from Queen, in the Riff section, seriously...
  9. I can understand that. I mean I have seen them live since the beginning for several times and nothing beats the 2 concerts I saw live in 2002. Was really their best moment in the career (for my own taste that is). Plus having met them in person back then (much easier when they were not famous at all) also had an impact i guess in my liking of those 2 concerts. But yeah, I will continue to see them live whenever I can, though there´s this nostalgia very present. But, hey, there´s always youtube to remember!
  10. I actually saw live the first perfomance of "New One/I want you now/ Hysteria" back in 2002! Have only the audio of it though. If you want to see one of the first performances of Action Faust/TSP in Portugal in 2002 here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAEHuHBleJU (There´s a couple more there from that concert, sadly the quality is not the best - was a great concert though, really something... and followed by The Cure. Was some night that one!)
  11. Lets see if I remember them all... Showbiz: Muscle Museum Sunburn Uno Origin of Symmetry: New Born Bliss Space Dementia Hyper Music Plug In Baby Citizen Erased Micro Cuts Screenager Feeling Good Megalomania Hullabaloo: Dead Star In Your World Absolution: Aposcalypse Please Time is Running out Sing for Absolution Stockholm Syndrome Hysteria (including first performance ever) Blackout Butterflies and Hurricanes The Small Print Ruled by Secrecy Black Holes and Revelations: Take a bow Starlight Supermassive black hole Map of the Problematique Invincible Assassin Hoodoo Knights of Cydonia The Resistance: Uprising Resistance Undisclosed Desires United States of Eurasia Guiding Light Unnatural Selection MK Ultra Exogenesis Part I The 2nd Law: Supremacy Madness Panic Station Prelude Survival Follow Me Animals Explorers Save Me Liquid State Unsustainable Isolated System Drones: Dead Inside Drill Sergeant Psycho Mercy Reapers The Handler JFK Drones B-Sides: Agitated Yes Please Forced In Nishe Neutral Star Collision This should be it for now. Keeping my fingers crossed for some surprises at Rock am See in August!
  12. So, one of the final Muse concerts of the summer is taking place soon in Germany and after wild rumours of setlists by request (which I never believed in) I found out that Matt is actually starting to play the songs that people shout out loud at him (happened with assassin a couple of times at least, but not only). On top of that, now that Drones Tour is officially over and these shows seems to be more "loose"/less "setlist restricted" why not hoping? Who has never written in this forum their dream setlist? Well, I will write mine here (taking into account he show will last 1:45 min according to the event organizer and also not forgetting that Muse have been playing 18-19 songs per show). So, here goes nothing (Matt, Chris, Dom... even Tom! one of you should better look at this!): 1 - Psycho 2 - Hyper Music 3 - Plug in Baby 4 - Micro Cuts 5 - Hysteria 6 - Map of the Problematique 7 - Fury 8 - Glorious 9 - The Handler 10 - Stockholm Syndrom 11 - New Born 12 - Sunburn 13 - Mk Ultra 14 - Butterflies and Hurricanes 15 - Showbiz 16 - Survival 17 - The Small Print 18 - Supremacy 19 - Kinghts of Cydonia Is it too much to ask?
  13. Dead Inside - 5/10 [Drill Sergeant] + Psycho - 8/10 Mercy - 7/10 Reapers - 8/10 The Handler - 10/10 [JFK] + Defector - 7/10 Revolt - 4/10 Aftermath - 7/10 The Globalist - 8/10 Drones - 1/10 Album Overall: 6.5/10 Better than the 2nd Law, Worse than all others. The Handler though... Already in my top 10 Muse songs. Best Muse song after BH&R alongside with MK Ultra.
  14. Survival is actually my favorite song on the 2nd Law! Instrumental-wise is a bomb. The lyrics grew on me since I jogged a lot to it. Alongside with Supremacy, it's the best track on the album.
  15. From Showbiz... Overdue (because of the chorus) From Origin of Symmetry... None, it's perfect! From Absolution... Sing for Absolution - Not a bad song (specially with a good ending) but... too coldplayish or something like that, not really my thing. From Black Holes... F*#$ing Starlight - No explanation necessary really, it's plain to see. From Resistance... Guiding "disgraceful" Light - Too speachless to even describe why. From The 2nd Law... Big Freeze and Explorers - When U2 meets Christmas Pop that's the result.
  16. I simply love everything about this song with the exception of the damn chorus. But I'm hoping it's the fact that he is still learning how to sing it live... But the guitar work on the track is damn good! The bass and drums are good too, but they may be branded as RATM rip offs by many. Well, can't wait to hear the album version anyways to fully analyse it!
  17. If we are going to have a tour full of "conspiracy" and "deception on the world" I can see the following songs being played: Citizen Erased, Micro Cuts, Apocalypse Please, Ruled by Secrecy, Take a bow, Soldier's Poem, Assassin, City of Delusion, Knights of Cydonia, Uprising, Mk Ultra, Supremacy... and of course loads of new stuff from Drones. In terms of rarity, I dont know why I have a feeling Shkring Universe will be the surprise this time around...
  18. Well, if you say so. I know it since 2003, seen it live a couple of times since then. But still, doesnt really change my point about it either it is 12, 16 or 10.
  19. After an album with Madness, Follow me, Explorers, Big Freeze and so on... Psycho, or the new life of the 12 year old SS outro, is exactly what I wanted. At first the drill sargent bits were a bit off for my taste, but I kinda take the song as a story, and for that story to make sense those screams fit like a glove. On top of that, I dont get the hate towards: "your ass belongs to me now!", I kinda dig it and it fits the theme too damn well. Plus, it will be fun to see 50000 people screaming it live
  20. I know we just got 5 seconds of the song... but... I didn't like at all what I've heard. That doesnt mean the song won't be good in the end (as I hope), but the guitar sounded too.. "guns 'n' rose'y", plus I am bit tired of the "hooling shooting" since Uprising. Oh well, we will have to wait and see!
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