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  1. I can't believe they're coming to my hometown! Hope we get a rarity!
  2. I plan on taking Amtrak February 1st to the DC gig.
  3. Since Muse has yet made plans to come to Florida, I will come to Muse. This gig and the DC one. I have a decent record when it comes to going to major sports events (my teams are 5-1) and Muse played Bliss at the only gig I've seen them in back in 2013. So I bring good setlists. No GA seats for me though. I'll save that for when/if they come back to Florida.
  4. I had the riff stuck in my ahead when the Making Of first leaked, and I still have this song stuck in my head. I seriously love Reapers -> The Handler -> JFK -> Defector.
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