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It worked for the Beatles


1. My point was that I personally don't like it (not saying it can never work, I just personally don't like it) when an established band with one lead singer starts giving out lead singer duties to other band members years after they've established their sound, because it affects that established sound. The Beatles don't fall into this category - the Beatles didn't have one sole lead vocalist throughout the bulk of the band's existence like Muse has.


2. I love Muse, but I'd never compare them to the Beatles!


Works fine for Kasabian.


I don't know enough about Kasabian to comment on whether it's a band that falls into the category I was talking about, so I'll defer to you on this one. Again, I was just talking about my personal preference, not whether it can ever work for some bands.


Oasis did it just fine for years.


I like some Oasis stuff, but I'm not a big enough fan to know at what point they started letting Noel take on some of the lead vocals, and whether the band falls into the category I mentioned.

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