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    Showbiz, Orgin, Absolution, BH&R, And im going to stay online till 12am till The Resistance comes out and im going to buy that for sure
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    Hopefully they will come to the u.s. in san diego or los angele :(
  1. I always go back between Hyper Music, Futurism, and Darkshines. Those 3 songs have my all time favorite Muse bass riffs.
  2. Agreed. Ever since I've read those descriptions I have since undo-deleted-retracted-pre-ordered my Drones copy. Come on Muse, Matt, Warner, whoever what are you doing!? Where's OoS2!?!?!?!? WHERE IS IT!?!?!? I'm done with this poppy loppy bullCRAP Am I right? :LOL:
  3. WOW. Have you not heard of Pitch Perfect 2, or Call of Duty Black Ops 3? Or even the upcoming sequel to one of, if not best horror series ever, Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension? There is absolute fantastic, flawless material out there. Such as Tammy, that people like you overlook.
  4. The video actually made me like the song a lot more. I honestly felt the dancers were able to convey the message well. I found myself getting a bit emotional in the second half of the song with the visuals of the video as corny as that sounds.
  5. Babe doesn't bother me in the song..Well it didn't bother me until I kept reading this thread and now it bothers me. It does kinda have that "ugh" feel in the context of just using it to call your significant other. I refer to my significant other by Monkey.
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