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Pre-Order The 2nd Law Deluxe Box Set Now


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Having trouble figuring out what is the correct conversion to USD. So can anyone who is much more capable of converting currency tell me what it turns out to be? Pretty please? :)


I would like to know this also, and will the CD/DVD be able to be played on US region 1 players?


Edit: Never mind, I found the U.S. pre-order page.

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Looks like a lovely, well thought out package over all. The thermal reactive cover is a nice touch.


Wish they'd do the whole lossless audio for things that we can't get lossless audio for...I mean, we can rip that right off the CD, but Reading...?


I wonder what the bonus CD other sites were advertising is.

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anyone who has ordered it having problems with the link sent in their email for the video?


Seems the file is not found for my link (and Yes I do know its available on youtube now!)





Yeah, I've been having that problem all day, I assumed it was because of so many people trying to download it at once.

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