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  1. True enough, and the live version of Follow Me is mixed really well as well
  2. If they do, it better not sound like it was recorded in a small club, like HAARP did
  3. Except that there isn't. They don't hire a full crew of at least 10 guys for every gig. That would be ridiculous. There are cameras for the screens at every gig, but that's just three people, at the most, I would think.
  4. I don't think it would be difficult to just hammer the notes with his left hand while using the Kaoss pad, and he definetly can control the treadle with the KP as well, as you can reassign what the midi port controls for the Digitech
  5. Scored tix in 108 today! Still debating going to Calgary...hmmm...
  6. This. I have confirmed though, that if you buy more than one VIP ticket at a time (say, two for example, as I may), that they're next to eachother.
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