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  1. Yeap, disappointed here. Expected to see the London gig to sell out quickly and an extra date added. Have they lost a few fans or are the ticket prices getting a bit too high? If the change in direction has lost some older fans it could gain them some new one's but maybe it's to soon for the new one's to get on board yet.
  2. My tupence worth: 8/10. But it's early days. It's such a well crafted album, pushing boundaries and expectations yet done within the confounds of a commercial Pop / electronic album. They haven't gone in the direction I wanted with the type of music I hoped for. I came to terms with this quite some time ago. I found Drones to be disappointing initially with too many commercial light weight songs without originality, although it's grown on me since. Simulation Theory has originality, it is commercial yet includes beautiful magical moments. I'd have liked it to be a longer album with a some guitar heavy tracks (like Psycho or The Handler). I mentioned elsewhere The Void is brilliant but I'd have it at 15 minutes long with a middle section featuring heavy guitars sounding like a planet imploding. I guess I've enough other bands that give me my need for guitar. Muse have gone the same way as Thirty seconds to Mars, although the latter completely ditched the guitar on their last album. I hope that both aren't just chasing commercial success while wearing daft Gucci jackets. The Bonus disc with alternative tracks shows how good some of the song are, the strength in song writing is definitely there. I find some of the alternative versions better than the album version. Really looking forward to hearing these songs performed live.
  3. I enjoyed Belfast much more than Dublin. Everyone around us in Dublin just stood there and hardly moved or sang along. To be fair we had a better spot in Belfast. Dublin did have a better setlist. Also heading to Glasgow, happy days!!
  4. That must have been amazing. I remember walking past The Ulster Hall that night and wishing I was going. If I could turn the clock back I would have been there.
  5. I didn't want to see any setlists or pictures prior to Dublin and Belfast but I did look at the Birmingham set and now since Manchester. I could be wrong but it looks like they mix it up every time and rotate about 4 to 5 songs. Dublin also got Citizen and MOTP which was a highlight for me. I doubt it but it's possible they took into account that they haven't played a big gig here in 10 years (not including The Ulster Hall). Apocalypse Please was great :-)
  6. I loved the Belfast gig. A great night. Hardly anyone around me was using their phone. Definitely could have done without UD but madness is inevitable. Both this gig and Dublin highlighted there's a lot of new fans that love the newer material. Some of the songs from Drones sounded far better live. Shame Belfast didn't get Take a bow. Hope they come back again soon.
  7. Not sure about before the gig, Worth mentioning the after show party in the limelight: Following Muse @ the SSE Arena .... FREE* ENTRY TO LIMELIGHT 2 Limelight residents play rock anthems all night £2 promos on beers & spirits * (free entry if you've been to gig, otherwise £4) And no I don't work for them but I may partake in the offer 😀
  8. We were lucky enough to get tickets for Belfast, Dublin & Glasgow
  9. on a good turntable there will not be 'hum and the crackles', at least not on this pressing. I only get 'crackles' on 2nd hand vinyl which was poorly looked after (the swines).
  10. I liked how on last nights show Ross said that next week it's 'the mighty Muse'. He sounded sincere but I have to say that last night when he told aerosmith that he loved them, it sounded like chat show host bullshit. Steven Tyler asked what song was his favourite and Ross replied 'I like them all'
  11. personally I wouldn't spend £1000 on a headphone amp. The Audiolab 8200CDQ is a pre amp which you connect to a power amp or multiple power amps and then to speakers. A good pre amp and power amp system will usually sound better than an integrated amp but it depends on the gear & the price. The 8200CDQ also has a CD player, headphone amp and with relevance to this thread a DAC. The price of good DAC will usually start at around £300. If you are not using a good quality DAC with HD audio then what's the point? If it was just a headphone amp £1000 would be a bit rich. Anyone interested in just a headphone amp checkout something like Musical Fidelity X-Can. You could pick one up now second hand for around £99. I guess most of this doesn't mean much to some people as they are listening to their HD audio on a basic PC with a sound card that cost about £20 (a bit like Rik Waller buying expensive running shoes).
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